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Richard Lindesay

Richard Lindesay is a musical comedian who plays the flute and other woodwind instruments. He also incorporates physical comedy and one-liner jokes. Richard started comedy in 2013, and has performed professionally throughout Australia, Europe, and the UK.

Richard has performed in several comedy festivals and theatres with solo shows and International Joke Off, including Sydney Fringe, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival, and Exeter Fringe.

'Richard is a comedy wunderkind!' - Tim Ferguson, Doug Anthony All Stars, and Writer/Director of "Spin Out"

'Richard has wonderfully unique and charming humour, brilliantly composed material, and an appreciation for flutes that I’ve never seen before. A top act.' - Heckle and Squelch

'Richard brings both content and delivery that can easily go toe-to-toe with the heavy punchers in the game. And his flute playing antics will leave you holding your jaw, and grabbing at your gut.' - Tickles & Tarts

"Richard mixes surrealism, a truly inventive use of the flute, brilliant one-liners, and perfect timing to produce comedy gold that you do not want to miss!" - What the Fork