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Tom Wrigglesworth



Some things get to Tom Wrigglesworth. Some things get to him so much that he has to resort to that old fashioned form of release, writing a letter. And that's where the fun starts.

In just six short years, Tom Wrigglesworth has gone from winning 'So You Think You're Funny', a competition won by Dylan Moran, Lee Mack and Peter Kay in the past, in 2003 to being nominated for the main Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2009.

In between these Tom was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2004 Chortle Awards and performed with friend Tom Allen as part of Allen And Wrigglesworth. Tom has played comedy clubs all round the country and has now stepped up to nationwide tours of his own.

Describing himself as having the body of Peter Crouch and the face of Postman Pat, but nowadays looking more like a stretched Crystal Tips, Tom Wrigglesworth likes to experiment.

He experiments with telling his father he's deleted the internet, as pay back for giving him a large nose. Not to worry, his dad backed it up by printing it out. He also experiments by only buying things in a supermarket that have been left by customers in the wrong place. This includes buying nappies that have been waived in place of a bottle of whiskey.

At his most experimental, Tom wrote a letter to Richard Branson to complain about a Virgin Trains manager who took his job far too seriously and ultimately got Tom arrested. The was a happy ending though as Tom was given a Good Samaritan award!

He made his TV debut on Paramount Comedy’s The World Stand’s Up and performed on the television series The Comedy Store - also for Paramount Comedy. On radio he’s been a panellist on BBC Radio Wales comedy show Jest a Minute, performed on BBC Radio 2’s Out To Lunch and Channel 4 Radio’s The Tube.

He has also been a regular sidekick on BBC Radio Wales weekend flagship show The Rhod Gilbert Show and presented BBC Radio 7's Comedy Club in January 2010.

Tom Wrigglesworth is a battler who will campaign for what he believes in. He has launched a petition for Lena's Law, another off shoot of his run in with Virgin Trains.

His hard work comes across in his comedy which throws in laughs all through a story, not just at the end. Like a moral Dave Gorman, Tom is bound to entertain us for many years.

'With such an impressive stage presence, and equally impressive writing, Wrigglesworth's is a name to keep an eye on' - chortle

'Destined for the dizzy heights' - NME

'The ultimate crowd pleaser' - The Guardian