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The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue

"Enough silliness to fill a pillow" EVENING STANDARD

From the sunny side of Planet Twat comes the unique character comedy that is THE RAYMOND AND MISTER TIMPKINS REVUE, and this charasmatically-challenged uncle / mute nephew co-operative invite you to their disturbing world of brushed velvet arousal.

It's freakish entertainment on a twisted stick, incorporating inimitable acoustic guitar / stylophone driven rock anthems coupled with a plethora of prop-assisted material that's busier than a wasp in a fat child's lunchbox and which has, in turn, made them popular in curry houses across the commonwealth.

Together since 1992, their highly original performance approach has made them regulars in Universities and comedy clubs around the country, including appearances at the Edinburgh (Where they appeared in 'The Best of the Fringe'), Glastonbury, Phoenix and Reading festivals. They have appeared on Carlton TV's 'The Warehouse', BBC Choice's 'Lenny Beige's Variety Pack', Men At Work Productions' 'Raymann is Latt' (a hugely popular Dutch comedy show) and are currently writing their own sitcom which has left them as hotly-tipped as a Carmen curling tong up the anus.

"An indulgent set of brilliant tackiness" TAKE 7 MAGAZINE

"Someone should give them their own show" PORTSMOUTH NEWS

"Knockabout duo - Really out there!" THE GUARDIAN