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Jake Bourke

Jake Bourke is a Stand Up Comedian, Writer, MC, Producer and Promoter from Limerick, Ireland. Based in Dublin Jake is a regular at clubs across the UK and Ireland. Jake is the founder of Longshot Comedy, event's which showcase the best in New, Alternative and Independent Irish Comedy. In 2013 he was the Comedy Coordinator for the 10 Days in Dublin Festival before heading to Edinburgh. Jake was also the Co-Host and Co-Producer on the successful Irish Comedy Podcast Seven2Ten. Currently he is touring his 2013 Show 'Anti-Clever' and developing a new show for 2014 titled 'Failure'. Recently Jake became the Producer on the monthly surreal satirical news show 'Irish Mega New,Anocht!'. 


'Anti-Clever' at The Edinburgh Free Fringe 2013
Krank.ie: Top Ten Acts at the Edinburgh Fringes:

“He is very funny” – Krank.ie
“An epic display of contradefenestratophobia.” – Michael Nugent, Irish Writer and Activist on Anti-Clever.
“Comic musings on a variety of topics such as relationship troubles and defenestration (don’t look it up, Jake Bourke’s a much better dictionary) are delivered in that waggish, self-deprecating style.” –  Three Weeks
Regular Clubs:
The International Comedy Club, Dublin, Ireland.
The Bad Ass Cafe, Dublin, Ireland.
The Capital Comedy Club, Dublin, Ireland.
LOL at Anseo, Dublin, Ireland.
The Bankers, Dublin, Ireland.
The Rebels Comedy Club, Cork, Ireland.
The City Limits Comedy Club, Cork, Ireland.
The Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland.
Buskers, Galway, Ireland.
Spike Comedy, Sligo, Ireland.
The Pavilion, Belfast, UK.