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Robert White

Runner-up in Britain’s Got Talent 2018, Robert goes from strength to strength, securing a dedicated following of fans and working his way well up the ladder of comedy:

‘Just one of the funniest performers I’ve ever seen, I’ve never laughed like that !’ - David Walliams

‘You're very unique, you're very quirky, very funny, very naughty, Robert, which we like!’ – Simon Cowell

"surprisingly original, and funny…. exactly the sort of act who should win Britain’s Got Talent." – The Daily Mail

‘He may sound like a niche act, but the musical comedian has managed to garner a wide appeal with his chaotic style and improvised musical skills.’ - The Sun

Robert worked his way up the stand-up scene, starting in 2004 and found early success as a finalist in the prestigious Hackney Empire competition 2006, he has gone from strength to strength and in 2010 won the Malcolm Hardee main award at the Edinburgh Festival. He now is a sought after act who regularly performs in big clubs, little clubs, those in-between, theatres and festivals around the UK and abroad.


‘Now and then you see something so original and unexpected you will never see things the same way again. This is one such show…The music itself was a monumental achievement. Almost an hour of uninterrupted ebbing and flowing of Gershwin like melodies done through your little brothers shitty Yamaha PSR keyboard. Endless musical motifs, references and jokes. And jokes there were so many. Like the airplane films if there was one you didn’t find funny now there was bound to be one coming up that you’d find hilarious. Or as in much of this show’s humor, one you’d be clever enough to understand. And this was one of the beauties of the show. There was absolutely no attempt to dumb it down for a mass audience. And in these days of emojies, made in Chelsea and Donald Trump that is certainly a refreshing change. Lyrically he was outstanding. To be quite honest I don’t think I’ve ever heard wittier or better constructed comedy lyrics anywhere. One song was literally just all the expressions for being gay – but they all rhymed! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A gay, autistic man singing a comedy opera about his time spent in prison and mental breakdown may not be to everyone’s taste but it damn well should be. …That being said Robert White should be the biggest comedy star on TV today. He is like no-one else before and I expect since. He should be hosting the panel shows and participating as all the contestants. …So remember this name – Robert White. If there is any justice in the world the star of tomorrow. Just come and see the show I implore you. Reviewer : Steven Vickers, 5 stars - Mumble Comedy - Edinburgh 2017 : InstruMENTAL; [one-man, fully orchestrated, self-penned biographical one act comedy opera.]:

‘Presenting the tale as a comic mini-opera in which he plays the keyboard over pre-recorded samples and orchestral backing, this shift into narrative comedy affords a bit of chronological structure to his dizzying mixture of wordplay, throwaway prop gags, musical allusions and original songs.

With his breakneck introduction, in which he comprehensively rattles through his various afflictions, including depression, an eating disorder, dyslexia and the long-time undiagnosed Asperger's syndrome that was at the heart of his travails, …..Conveying his former wretchedness through extreme similes pairing Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, ……. White recounts how denial of his homosexuality led him into be victim in an abusive relationship with a woman. The humiliations and physical and mental harm his 'beard' visited upon him are rendered in a deceptively upbeat, romp-along song, including visual images such as him being force-fed potato salad that are a memorable blend of the absurd and horrifying.

Although White ultimately left the relationship, it continued to plague him and he conceived a foolhardy plan to confront his ex in a bizarre outfit with a terrible, prop-based pun, alas only thinking better of this just before he was spotted by the police.

As he tells it, it was conceived through a combination of his incriminating inability to pick up on social
cues and appreciate the magnitude of trouble he was in, the authorities’ desire to make a misguided example of a vulnerable individual and his reluctance to ask his parents for help for fear of revealing his sexuality. He corrects this stumbling block now with a belting self-acceptance number, blasting through various weird and wonderful euphemisms for gay in a semi-ironic I Am What I Am-style toe-tapper.

He spent time in prison on remand and is very funny portraying the strange characters he met inside, even if he largely retreated into himself, writing a children's musical about a happy blue clown. A melody from it serves as an unstated theme in this score apparently, though that's just one of the finer details rather lost in the pell-mell snatches of pop music allusions, fart noises and a deliberately sampled-to-death pun about coming out to his father.

He arrives at an understanding for his ex, delivers damning asides about the prison system and a comes to fuller comprehension of his own demons. 

He provokes sympathy, despite the often airless, gasping-for-breath presentation that makes it difficult to keep up with sometimes.’ Chortle - Jay Richardson 2017 - Edinburgh 2017 : InstruMENTAL; [one-man, fully orchestrated, self-penned biographical one act comedy opera.]:

‘A kind of schizophrenic Frank Sidebottom-on-acid hellscape’ 4 stars - The Fountain

‘A truly unique, original and personal performance which beguiled me from beginning to end.’4 stars -  WeAreDarkChat

‘Robert White killed with this show, matching an amazing presence to clever jokes and pitch-perfect delivery…… he hides behind a keyboard, constantly twitching and fiddling with the mic stand or the knobs and dials on his board as he expertly jingles his way through his act. Musical comedy is so frequently hit-or-miss, but here the music is an accompaniment to White's nicely written gags, delivered with an acute sense of timing…..He plays the keyboard beautifully, with the lyrics far from beautiful. But he garners serious rounds of applause and howls of laughter. He caters the songs directly to people in the crowd, and most of the front row get a mention more than once…..At one point he commented repeatedly on the laughter as it moved around the room, describing each individual’s laugh and how it infected others. It is uncomplicated and obvious, yet we can’t help but get caught up in it. He never lets up, his sharp humour moving with the flow. Super-fast quips follow any piece of information gleamed from the willing audience. Simple puns and what should be cheap gags are lent gravity simply by the carefree and confident torrent of his humour. Just brilliant.  CHORTLE ****  Review date: Sunday 10th Aug, '14 Reviewed by: Graeme Connelly  --- Edinburgh 2014 : The Curious Incident of the Gag and the Gun Crime:

‘Robert White is an extraordinary talent, or maybe an extraordinary person. Maybe both…… rude songs, appalling puns and outrageous jokes all delivered by a bloke who looks vaguely reminiscent of Tintin. White, of course, gives us about a dozen minority groups for the price of none. ….. mildly terrifying, but very funny……His seemingly endless running commentary on audience reactions is quite brilliant, taking the room right to the edge of a primal scream and then dropping us in an exhausted heap……White also has an impressive ability to improvise songs. He plucks rhymes from the air with relentless accuracy, never missing a beat. This is a show you really should see.’  Kate Copstick Aug 2014

‘It’s his nervously effervescent delivery – a gushing stream of puns and musical stings, transmitted through the static interference of his twitchiness – which is what makes him stand out.....a good punster, and a talented improviser, able to ad lib a song in response to a minor audience disturbance ...... the jumpy energy of the set is compelling.’ Steve Bennett CHORTLE

'Robert White is a ball of comedic energy so sharp and expansive you could almost feel the static crackling through your hair. His set comprised of musical excerpts, improvised composition and sounds and harsh comedic superlatives. His sweet, sincere appearance is in sharp contrast to the deluge of perverse wordplay and hilariously disgraceful insinuations. He is like the South Park character of stand up, appalling and shocking from beneath his blond hair and beautiful boyish looks. His absence of the slightest quiescence kept the audience on their toes in thorough entertainment. With his quick intelligence and child’s penchant for mayhem, his material and performance are extremely funny, shocking and original. He’s a spark amongst the daunting circuitry of the comedy hard drive. Fantastic!' BBC

‘Get him on Shooting Stars - Robert White’s show is a jaw-dropping riot. ..... the mix of lewd innuendo, cheesy jokes, music hall songs played on a knackered keyboard and sound-effects games makes for a side-splitting hour.’ The List - Four stars ****

‘Delivering a mixture of stand up, songs, props and audience interaction, Robert White tries hard - and spectacularly succeeds ..... never seems to fail to provoke laughter’ Three weeks - Four stars ****

‘..... highly impressive, weirdly exciting, audacious hour ..... an unembarassable love of innuendo, musical pastiche, and a dash of unrequited poignancy....... he’s a frighteningly good performer .... His camp, musicality and relentlessness are perfect.’ Edinburghisfunny - Four stars ****

‘Robert White’s wildly improvisatory stand-up is part old fashioned music hall comedy, Eddie Izzardesque stream of conscious and just plain oddball. Whichever he’s Brilliant’ Attitude

“Very Funny fantastic oddball ..... A funny and brave act that exists in the hitherto unmapped space between the music hall comedies of Noel Gay, and autistic savantism” Timeout

‘ ... souped-up risqué keyboard-based songs, waspish asides and neurotically charged camperie from a hyperactive man-child who is among the most original of this year’s Fringe. .... Superb’ Telegraph

‘Robert White, probably – no definitely – the only asperger, dyslexic, cross lateral, gay, quarter-welsh, webbed toed comedian the circuit’ The Guardian

‘White takes hyperactive comedy to new heights. Occasionally he becomes so agitated that the audience doesn't know whether to laugh or call him an ambulance !. .... Brilliant’ The Skinny

‘Precociously talented…With his quickfire wit and relentless energy reminiscent of Lee Evans, he had the audience in the palm of his hand.’ Brighton Argus

‘He's manic, camp and mildly afflicted…absolutely cracking gags.’ Chortle

‘A bit of a nutter’ ‘Very funny!’ Kate Copstick


Runner Up - Britain’s Got Talent 2018
Winner of the Malcolm Hardee Award for comic originality at the Edinburgh Festival 2010.
One of the Top ten jokes of the fringe, according to the Dave Channel prize, at the Edinburgh Festival 2010.
Hackney Empire Finalist 2006 - Twice Comedy Cafe New act Winner 2006/7
SYTYF Semi-finalist 2006 - Laughing Horse Semi-finalist 2007 – Brighton New Act Competition 2006 – 2nd Placed and ‘special mention’


Top Secret Comedy Club, 
Just The Tonic, 
Barn Stormers, 
Screaming Blue Murder, 
Comedy Beats, 
Backyard Comedy Club, 
Comedy Loft,
The Star Comedy Club,
Damion Larkin
Frog And Bucket, 
The Boat and other CKP, 
Bear Cat, 
Comedy Cafe 
The Comedy Cellar , Bracknell
Hecklers Comedy Club
……Plus many many more

Audience reviews:

'Hi, saw you at the Komedia few weeks back, very funny, haven't laughed as hard since a Rik Mayall gig in the 80s!!!'

'I have never laughed so much and so hard in a long time keep it up will definitely see you again .'

'Amazing gig in Leeds yesterday loved it & you handled the idiot well "could have had you 50 times over " -amazing'

'We saw you on Saturday in London. You are hilarious. A comedy genius. Keep up the good work. Will definitely look for you again when we come back '

'Tonight I cried and was breathless. Do you normally have that effect on people? ;) Just brilliant.'

'You had me in tears this evening (good tears) absolutely brilliant set'

'Went to your gig tonight in London and you really blew me away, and the endless amounts of laughs you gave the whole house. A huge buzz about you was made after your set.'

' haven't laughed so much in ages- you were worth the ticket price alone!'

'Saw u on thursday evening ... FIRST TIME AT THE COMEDY CLUB ... You were amaze-balls !!!! U were the highlight of my wifes birthday celebrations x we will be backk !!!'