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Manuel Wolff

Cologne, Germany

The quick witted german comedian Manuel Wolff recently started performing in english, after realising that the video of his very first english performance took off on youtube. The charming young man is known for his dry observational humour, occasional outbursts of anger and surprising improvisational skills.

In Germany he won several awards, among them the Master Comedy Slam 2012 and the "Kabarettbundesliga", which could be loosely translated as the"Comedy premier league". He performed at the prestigious Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin and tours Germany with his solo show "ui!". In Cologne he hosts Cologne's best and only Stand-Up-Comedy-Club "Boing!". In Switzerland he didn't win the Swiss Comedy award.

TV appearances at "Nightwash", "NDR Comedy Contest", "Comedy Lab","Thekenquizzer" and "Late Night Kiosk", where he met the love of his life, who watched the show and then left for good.

Newspaper quotes, he tried to translate:
"relaxed stage presence"
"Manuel Wolff knew how to excite the audience"
"a whirlwind of comedy"
"award-winning funny-man"
"not bad."

youtube comments:
"Had me laughing like a little school girl, great show keep it up."
"This is hilarious!"
"It's rare that I really laugh, but he was pee your panties hilarious."
"Very witty & creative!"
"Wait he's German, and he has a sense of humor? This is the end of the
"terrible accent"
"fu** yourself please"
"all germans are nazis"


First english stand-up performance:

short performance at 'dirty dicks', London

and something with a piano and improv: