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Tim Craven

Tim was born and bred in the fine city of Stoke-on-Trent, a cosmopolitan metropolis, world renowned for producing entertainers of the highest pedigree, including both Bruno Brookes AND Anthea Turner! He therefore has the hopes of the city resting on his comedy shoulders.

Tim moved to Manchester in 1999 where he began presenting various shows on the student radio station, Fuse FM. His time at Fuse climaxed upon his nomination for the 'Comedy and Drama' Award at the Radio 1 National Student Radio Awards. Whilst he did narrowly miss out on winning the coveted award, he did get to go to a fancy shindig (with free beer no less) and schmooze with the stars.

Having regaled his friends with anecdotes of his antics and adventures over the years, Tim decided to take his storytelling to the next level. He now enjoys nothing more than chit chatting into a microphone in front of a load of strangers.

Having been cutting his teeth at venues throughout the Midlands and Northwest, Tim can now be seen telling jokes all over the country.

"Man of the match." - XS Malarkey

"One of the hottest new stand up acts on the circuit today." - Ribbed Comedy

"He is funny." - Dan Nightingale at The Frog and Bucket