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Stuart Henderson

I am based in Troon Scotland . Been doing Stand Up & Comedy Music For A few years.

TV Credits 14th November 1998 : Noels House Party Impersonating Frank Spencer Singing The Beatles . http://youtu.be/dMzJiB6guQY

Do observational stand up comparing my home town of Troon to the likes of the big cities.

Have written comedy songs such as Eighty Three , Cannae Beat It & Why Am I So Handsome.

Only comments I have had were from the Producer of Dont Stop Me Now Sky 1 after I had to be edited out :
Dear Stuart

Thank you for your email. I am very sorry you did not make it into the final edit of the show but the reason for this, I can assure you, was nothing to do with your performance which I thought was really funny but merely the very tight time restrictions that we have for a broadcast hour on Sky. Unfortunately we have to hit precise durations for each part and there was simply not enough time to put everyone who performed on the night into the show. There were a number of others who also did not make it into the final edit for time reasons so it really was nothing personal.

Please accept my apologies for the situation as I can understand it must be frustrating for you - as indeed it was for me as I would have liked to include everyone.

Kind regards,