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Josh Woodman

Josh Woodman is an English born comedian from the north east outskirts of London. He has a background in performance that spans from such fields as musical theatre, straight acting and live music which started from a young age. As a child Woodman performed in local theatres with the Vallé academy of performing arts in shows variety acts and has also played a chorus part in the west end show "Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat" 
Woodman is currently focusing on his stand up career now but will occasionally also merge his advanced and technical guitar skill into his set which gives his audience a full on one man show experience.
His style primarily consists of playful observational material from a cynical yet charming perspective and also some quick and tight one liners that lead into a story or a humourous situation he has experienced. Woodman's persona is best described as a down to earth and genuinely nice guy that is animated on stage but still has no fear on divulging his more jaded or contraversial views on life.
He is just "that guy" that says what hes thinking but you can relate to him on his level and therefore forgive his more risqué material.
He has performed in London, Hertfordshire, Southampton, Bournemouth.