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Sachin Kumarendran

I have performed on the same bill as professionals Rob Auton and Josh Pugh ( https://www.facebook.com/ensueshilarity/photos/a.1534339496817272.1073741825.1534323853485503/1640853262832561/?type=3&theater ), and I was also given a headline slot for the comedy tent at a festival called Valefest (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1141015042606699&set=pb.100000946426771.-2207520000.1468597208.&type=3&theater). I have recently graduated from the University of Birmingham: whilst there I entered the 2016 'University of Birmingham's Got Talent' and won the competition performing a 20 minute standup routine. During my time at the university I was also heavily involved with the University Footnotes Comedy Society and performed standup at a large number of university events as well as at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of the Footnotes Keep Talking Fringe show and the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of the Footnotes Speak up and Spork Handles shows. I have also performed independently of the university, for example I have performed several times for a comedy night in Birmingham called Hilarity Ensues that is run by LoveHard comedy, who were nominated for the Best show of the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe at the Barry awards (https://www.facebook.com/ensueshilarity/photos/a.1534339496817272.1073741825.1534323853485503/1640853262832561/?type=3&theater).

This is a link to a 5 minute video of one of my performances.

 I have performed at shows ranging in length between 5 minutes and half an hour.