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Ed Surname

Stand-Up Ed Surname began filming his life at age 4 to show the world an ongoing documentary about the reality of following dreams, how a comedian gets material and why some people feel compelled to perform.

He taught himself how to edit, fooled a TV producer into thinking he was a pro, signed with New York TV, developed a stage show with his real life stalker, became homeless, slept in a bed shop, proposed to his wife before they met, fell off a 30 ft bridge, arranged meetings for 30 years in the future, and was attacked by a Mexican gun maniac in one of his nine near death experiences. When Ed tells a story he owns the real footage to back it up.

Is following your dreams all it seems? What is it like to be recognised in the street for the first time? Is all publicity good publicity? A national headline bagged him lucrative gigs, but upset his family, so find out how the personality behind the performer is affected by the supposed glamour of showbiz.

To everyone who ever said ‘this would only happen to me’… you have never met this Madness Magnet- and if you do, you’re part of his show. Even the Samaritans slammed the phone down on him.

‘Hilarious’ -The Sun Newspaper

‘Ed Surname has had a genuinely unique and extraordinary life… the uniquely interesting thing is the level of self documentation he has made of his life, which is a peculiarly modern endeavour’ -Channel 4

‘Half our office was disgusted’ -Bizarre Magazine (surely an achievement, given the content of this publication)

‘Your blog is very funny’ -BBC3

‘The best and funniest character we’ve filmed in ages’ -BBC3

‘Fuck Off’ -NME