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Raybon Kan

Raybon has been named Best Comedian by Metro and North and South magazines on repeated occasions in New Zealand. He has performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, (where The Age newspaper named him one of the festival's highlights,) the Montreal Comedy Festival (1998 and 2001) and the Edinburgh Fringe.

He has also performed in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sydney. He was nominated for the inaugural Billy T Award in 1997. His movie reviews featured in TV3's Nightline nightly news programme. His New Zealand TV appearances include "Pulp Comedy", "Laugh Festival Gala," "Before Stardom", "Look Who's Famous Now", Skitz, "Test the Nation" (which he won three times), "The Great New Zealand Spelling Bee", Inside New Zealand, a documentary in which he trained for two months to be a casino croupier; and a profile in TV's 60 Minutes. In Australia he has performed on "Hey Hey It's Saturday" and been interviewed by Bert Newton.

He authored Five Days in Las Vegas in the early 1990s, about his travels to the United States during which he appeared on Wheel of Fortune. Another travel-based title, America on Five Bullets a Day, in which he indulged his passion for tennis, was published in 1998.

The latest compendium of his work, An Asian at My Table, was published by Penguin in 2004. For many years he wrote a column in The Sunday Star Times. He has three film roles in "I'll Make You Happy" (directed by Athina Tsoulis), Tongan Ninja (directed by Jason Stutter) and Spooked (directed by Geoff Murphy). In November 2004, he became the TV commercial spokesman for the Freedom Air airline in New Zealand. Coincidentally in the 90s he also fronted an ad campaign for a finance company named Freedom.

He has recently relocated to London.