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John Dougherty

"A warm and very funny presence on stage. Strong writing and delivery along with deft musical touches make for a great act” - Chris Head, comedy tutor, lecturer & director.

Many successful comedians go on to write children’s books. But there’s always someone who has to do it backwards, isn’t there. Having spent years building up a reputation not only as a writer but as one of the funniest and most entertaining performers on the children’s literature scene, John Dougherty is now taking his first proper steps onto the comedy circuit. 

Though the mid-life crisis that pushed him into stand-up involved the breakup of his marriage, John’s material is surprisingly upbeat and lacking in bitterness, mixing observational humour, wordplay and surrealism. He still won’t let his ex-wife come and see his act, though.

Oh,yes - and there's usually a song. He’s quite a good singer, and the song is funny.