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Rudi Lickwood

“Wembley should just about contain him” The Stage

As the top black comedian on the UK comedy circuit, Rudi Lickwood is far more than just a stand-up. Rudi’s recent achievements including earning his status in the ‘Black 100+’ awards for the greatest Black British Achievers, picking up a BECA award for outstanding contribution to comedy, and taking up a high profile request for Rudi to host an exclusive Brit Awards after-show party.

With a super confident playful personality oozing charisma, Rudi’s infectious charm has made him a desirable commodity. Using his sense of humour and razor sharp material, Rudi has built an outstanding list of Radio and Television projects alongside his headline performances at esteemed venues across the UK. Recent television and media projects include; Get me the Producer (Ch4) and Funny Business (BBC2), plus a nationwide project with Mediatheme hosting the most comprehensive comedy entertainment system to date. Rudi is currently working the series ‘Lickwood’ with BAFTA award winning writer Sharon Foster.

Working closely with the Combined Forces Entertainment (CSE), Rudi has toured in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia, keeping the troops entertained all over the world. A charming character, Rudi is loved wherever he performs.

Funny Business                      BBC2/BBC3
Get me the Producer              CH4
Back in Business                    BBC2
Mega Mela Malai Comedy     BBC1
100 Greatest TV Treats          CH4
The Last Word                        ITV
The Stand Up Show               ITV1
Heart Of Harlesden                BBC2
Banged Up Stand Up              BBC3             

Top Gear                                 BBC1
National Lottery Jet Set          BBC1
Goodness Gracious Me          BBC2
Weakest Link                          BBC2
Never Mind the Full Stops      CH4

The Big Bunch                        GLR
London Marathon                    Radio 5
Shuman’s Shuffle                   Choice FM
Mad House Show (Presenter)   Unique FM
TalkSPORT                            Radio 5Live
Comedy Month Preview         Manx Radio

American Express
British Telecom
Coca Cola
Wilkinson Sword
Crystal Palace FC
Man City FC
DeVere Hotel

Bug Jam Festival
Cannizaro Festival

"Rudi Lickwood was fab on Friday, the audience loved him, so did we he was hilarious and so topical! We were extremely pleased with your service and Rudi’s performance...Thanks again, I hope to work with you again in the future!" Ethnic Minority Business Awards

"Rudi was awesome, would highly recommend him...Thanks for helping us out last minute" Trend Micro EMEA GB LTD

"Rudi Lickwood is an absolute Gentleman, not only a great comedian he gave us his time and did not just rush off. He is absolutely fabulous and I would recommend him to anyone else. There were lots of influential people and don’t be surprised if they get in contact to book him in the future." Barnet FC

“Rudi was amazing and made the night great success and your services where outstanding and would recommend the service. Once again thank to you and your team for making the Peros party a night to remember.” Peros Ltd (Fairtrade Food Service)

"The Comedy Club were a different gear and the comedian provided was hilarious. Everybody had an amazing day and Rudi capped it off with a great performance. Our goal was achieved, your service was superb and Rudi was a top bloke. Thanks for all your support” David Nash Benefit Show

"The comedians (Rudi Lickwood & Mike Milligan) were great and I have had lots of really good feedback from all of the staff, so thank you very much. The service was fantastic, very quick and efficient. Thanks again for a great night." MDA Information Products

‘Irresistible...he's going to be massive' The Guardian

“Wembley should just about contain him” The Stage

'Easily the funniest new comic I've seen this year' GLR

“Observant engaging interactive comic whose routines roll out like warm custard over Spotted Dick.” The Independent

“He’s an intelligent one of a kind with something to appeal to everyone” Chortle

Compere or Headlining: Jongleurs (Various) | The Comedy Store (London & Manchester) | Highlight (Various) | Up The Creek (London) | The Comedy Club – Theatres and Clubs all over the UK and abroad | Comedy Café (London) | Chuckles – Switzerland | Komedia (Brighton) and many more.