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Richard Sandling

Richard was the Writer and Performer in the sell out Edinburgh show VHS: Death to DVD in 2006 garnering **** from Kate Copstick and ***** from Broadwaybaby.com. and it's follow up show VHS 2: Planet of the Tapes in 2007


He mostly talks about films and comic books and cult TV. He thinks Video is superior to DVD and can back it up with evidence

He is also a folk singer songwriter and performance poet - but don't let that put you off, it's not wanky at all. Honest!

He promotes and compares Squat Betty Alternative Comedy Club in Southend, Essex.

he has also occasionally played a bit of guitar for Wil Hodgson which he enjoyed very much

He is a digital guerrilla filmmaker focusing on music videos and documentaries.


""He becomes properly angry on the subject, with a passion that's truly engaging.It was an original routine, with a strong angle - which is no doubt why the judges awarded him first place." Chortle (reporting on SYTYF Final 2007)

"Aligning the passion some people feel for football with his zeal for film, Sandling skilfully weaves his love and breathtaking knowledge of the medium into a comedic delight....Even putting his knowledge of film aside, Sandling is a fine comedian who one feels would succeed in any form of stand-up. " - Three Weeks 2007

"a must see for all film buffs and sci-fi junkies." Groggy Squirrel 2007

"The funniest show I've seen so far this year" - broadwaybaby.com 2006

"This is a joyful, funny, clever show. I don't think I could have liked it more, even if it were on film." - Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, 2006

"A funny and entertaining 50 minutes that the Daily Mail would no doubt hate" - The List, 2006

"His dedication to video over DVD is right up there with the truly great romances of our time - Stewart Lee and The Incredible Hulk and Wil Hodgson and My Little Pony spring to mind" - Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, 2006

"Darts loss is Comedy's gain" - Phill Jupitus

"F*****' Brilliant" - Brian Damage