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David Bussell

David Bussell is a writer/performer/stand up comedian/fan-of-the-forward-slash-key.

David has been described in the bio you are reading as a ‘Multi-Media Comedian’ and uses slides, video, music and occasionally even human words to riff on subjects as disparate as Nazis (little tinkers!), The Breakfast Club, guide cats and the reason he lost his job as TV editor for Lady Di’s funeral.

David co-wrote and starred in the sketch show pilot, ‘Missing Scene’, with Kevin Eldon, Alice Lowe, Steve Furst and Isabel Fay, as well as ‘Underbelly’, a sketch show pilot produced by Hat Trick, starring Pippa Evans.

Other forays have seen him work with the likes of Tom Meteen, Simon Munnery, Isy Suttie, Justin Edwards, Dan Skinner, David Armand, Sara Pascoe and Paul Foot.

David also presents the Clown Chowder comedy club in Shoreditch every month, has featured in a Pepsi Max advert, and is the grand winner of the Yobi Laughs contest 2010.

Talking about himself in the third person makes David Bussell feel like a pro wrestler.


“Very good” - Michael Jacob, Creative Head of Comedy, BBC

“Funny stuff” - Harry Deansway, Chief Editor, The Fix Magazine

“One to watch” – Ric Michael, Head of Development, Baby Cow

“Sorry about the delayed reply, I’m as busy as a whore’s vagina” - Mark Talbot, Comedy Development Producer, Hat Trick Productions

“If he did cruise liners he be found dead on the dock” – Anonymous Forum Poster