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Richard Wright

I hate these bio things. I hate having to be like “Richard was born in 1983 in South Shields to a Northern Irish father and a Scottish mother. It was a night like any other night, in as much as it was darker than it had been during the day.” I’m just no good at it. So here is two sets of facts. Enjoy.

9 things you do need to know:

    1. Richard Wright did his first gig on January 24th 2012.
    2. Richard did his first half hour solo show “Continuity scares me” at the Camden Fringe in 2013 and did his second show “Full of Win” in 2014 and the Brighton and Camden Fringe festivals.
    3. Richard has a degree in film from The University of West London
    4. In February 2015 Richard beat the blackout at the world famous Up The Creek Comedy club
    5. Richard is a Christian stand up comedian
    6. Richard is Dyspraxic
    7. Richard is not a person who likes to “big himself up” and is running out of things to say about himself that he is comfortable with
    8. Richard made the Leicester Square New Act of the year Quarter Final in 2013. This is the least impressive quoted competition result in all of stand up comedy.
    9. Richard has a ginger beard.

9 Things you don’t need to know:

  1. Richard has lived in many places such as Sunderland, Morley, Hawick, Belfast, Seahem Harbour, South Shields. Hadleigh, Wembley, Upper Norwood and Bromley. That’s all of them.

  2. Richard has lived in 12 different houses but have never not lived with his parents.

  3. Richard used to holiday every summer in Bournemouth and he loved it. This went on for much longer than it really should have.

  4. Richard has a mini soccer qualification rom the Irish Football association to teach kids hot to play football. If you’ve met him that is way funnier.

  5. When at Hawick High School Richard won the school tennis doubles Championship with his friend Dominic because no one else turned up to register.

  6. Richard has sung at the Royal Albert Hall.

  7. Richard appeared in a Christmas special of Eastenders in 2011 as a carol signing Salvation Army extra.

  8. While MCing a gig to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who Richard ate a whole bowl of genuine fish fingers and custard without anyone asking him to do it.

  9. Richard accidentally bought the limited edition 1960’s Batman series on limited edition Bluray instead of DVD. He doesn’t own a Bluray player.

2013: Continuity Scares me at the Camden Fringe (30 minutes)
2014: Full of win at Brighton Fringe and Camden Fringe (45 minutes with support)
2015: We need to talk about Jesus at Bright Fringe (45 minutes with support)

Quotes about my stand up:
“There’s a few sprouts of ideas” Steve Bennett, Chortle
“”Impressive was Wright’s ability to tailor his material to the audience by editing and cutting on the fly” Everything Theatre
“Managed to make Kazoo jokes whitty. An impressive feat” Broadway baby
“Wright managed to have us laughing throughout the show.” Everything Theatre”
“You were great tonight man, like a fat Stewart Lee” Audience member in Maidstone