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Leif Skyving

"Leif Skyving is a very funny comic. A consummate pro and a lot of fun to watch onstage." --Eddie Brill, talent coordinator for the comedians on "The Late Show with David Letterman"

Is Leif Skyving the "World's Funniest Man"? Well, he certainly thinks he is. Leif has the practiced commitment to honesty that under normal circumstances makes people extremely uncomfortable. Yet, during Leif's performance, people are too busy laughing to notice. Stepping on stage in L.A., at the world famous Comedy Store to begin his career, Leif has honed his natural gift for comedy, traveling across the United States and Canada for the past 15 years playing auditoriums, theaters, major comedy clubs, colleges and corporate special events.

"I'm a star in Canada," he'll tell you with a straight face (if you're not from Canada). He'll explain that he has appeared on Canadian national television twice, on the number one-rated stand-up comedy show "Comedy at Club 54".

Leif was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and moved with his family to Los Angeles, California, at the tender age of eleven. He speaks of that traumatic culture shock in his act. He also speaks of the tremendous shock of getting married, having two children, and becoming middle-aged, all at the same time: "I was 40 when I got married. I used to complain, "God, all I do is sit around and watch TV by myself." Now, I'm married with two kids and, God, I wish I could just sit around and watch TV by myself!

Leif uses his sharp wit and talent for characters to comment on current topics and vent about whatever happens to be bothering him. He has an "alter ego," Curt Sudden-- a no-nonsense kind of a guy who may appear at any time. Curt plays a mean blues harmonica, just like Leif. "It's awesome," he'll tell you. But is he the "world's funniest man"? Come see for yourself.