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Idil Sukan

Idil started off as a stand up comedian, and now has discovered the joys of improv comedy. It's pretty sweet. You don't need to rehearse, and everything is based on what the audience suggest, so - hey - it's what they want to see, so you can't go wrong. And it's always super funny.

Idil regularly performs with short-form improv comedy troupe The Improverts at the Bedlam, and guest stars on Whose Lunch is it Anyway at The Stand, both in Edinburgh in and out of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She also performed with the long form troupe Comic Book Story - which she also directed - and was one-sixth of long-form troupe ShamWagon, which after a residency at The Stand, transferred to the Pleasance Courtyard for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006. Idil can occassionally be seen playing amusing songs on her guitar, drawing editorial cartoons, or reciting awesomely witty poems in the performance poet circuit.

Idil also manages and produces a comedy troupe of gentlemen, The Penny Dreadfuls, and their rather brilliant sketch show "Aeneas Faversham".

Praise for the Improverts (August 2006, Fringe Festival)

" A particularly enjoyable performance came from the quick-witted Idil Sukan who displayed one of the most committed performances I've ever seen in short form improv without ever giving the impression that she was showing off. Well... once. But it was funny." - ITV.com

"This show sells out every single night. And justifiably so - you cannot help but get tangled up in the hilarity and silliness oozing from every single little sketch thrown together in this improvised comedy." ***** - Three Weeks

"The energy doesn't drop once... What is notably refreshing here is that the gang don't shy away from elements that some comedy does for risk of appearing non-PC" **** - The List

Praise for the ShamWagon (August 2006, Fringe Festival)


"Seemingly inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm alongside some very sharp, very funny minds. The show takes a but two words from the audience and squeezes a jam-packed fifty-five minutes of comedy into the world and the world is better for it." - ITV.com

"Whip-smart performers" **** - Three Weeks

"ShamWagon take the crowd's suggestions and run all the way to funnyland. The cross the canals of hilarity, climb the mountains of ridiculousness, jump the hahas of the hysterical. It comes down, of course, to the troupe: they are loose, inspired, and they snatch every opportunity they spy." **** - SkinnyFest