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Susan Vale

Susan's act involves sifting through and sharing the mounting debris that has drifted in and settled in her head. She didn't find any use for this in her previous job as a shepherd, so to prevent brain seepage via her nasal cavities, she decided to become a comedian in order to give her thoughts an airing. Swapping sheep for showbiz and lambs for laughter allows her to wander through her own minefields of fun without having to come home afterwards covered in excreta and smelling of wool (not unless it’s a particularly good gig).

She's gigged extensively in the north of England and in Scotland and was a finalist in the Hackney Empire New Act Of The Year 1998 competition. She has also written extensively for TV and radio, providing some of the headlines for The 11 O'Clock Show, amongst others.

She occasionally co-writes with Carl Cooper, a knowledgeable comedy writer and familiar face in northern comedy clubs. He’s not mad enough to perform himself, which probably explains why he’s one of the nicest blokes there is.

"Susan Vale, an excellent act." - Pulp

"A Top Shag." - Carpet World

"Brilliant." - Harry Enfield

"Susan has been on the edge of the Manchester scene for a while now and has steadily been building her act and her following. Her softly-spoken voice disguises the venom that comes from within." - Joe Elliot, Manchester Metro

"Very Entertaining" - Loaded