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Kim Hope

UK-based comedian and actress Kim Hope has performed stand up and solo shows across her native Australia and internationally, as well as appearing regularly on television panel shows Good News Week, Good News Weekend/Night Lite and All Star Squares.

Kim recently returned to London after a successful season at the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She will be performing regularly in London at Old Rope, Comedy Club for Kids at the Soho Theatre, Comedy Chops at the Hurlingham and SPANK!, and is currently writing her solo show, Walk, in preparation for 2012 Edinburgh Fringe.

Comedy Club For Kids - Edinburgh Fringe
Storyteller’s Club - Edinburgh Fringe 
She Says, He Says - with Xavier Toby. Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF)
Upfront 17 - MICF
Comedy Club for Kids - Regular performer. MICF
Storyteller’s Club - MICF
Comedy Bites -ABC Radio National 774 (MICF Gala edition)
The Comic’s Box - Channel 31 Melbourne (MICF season)
Festival Club - featured act. MICF
Girl’s Night - regular act. MICF

“animated and melodramatic, Kim Hope easily stole the laughs and the show” -The Pun, Melbourne

“Kim Hope is an excellent performer, and it is impossible to take your eyes off her during the show, as she controls proceedings so dominantly” -Beat Magazine, Melbourne

It’s About Time - solo show. Edinburgh Fringe
SPANK! - Edinburgh Fringe

Rollercoaster - solo show. MICF
Upfront 13 - MICF
Family Fortunes (Comedy Festival Edition) - Channel 9 Australia
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2007 Roadshow- touring Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Singapore, May/ June/July.

“Hope’s delivery is never less than sharp, incisive and hilarious...this laudable comedian keeps the laughs coming with her intelligent and audacious comedy” -The Pun, Melbourne

Rollercoaster- solo show. Edinburgh Fringe
“a brilliantly structured show – heartfelt and charming” The Skinny, Edinburgh

“within a few minutes of her entrance, we know this is one rollercoaster ride we are going to enjoy” one4review, Edinburgh

“phenomenal stage charisma: an hour in her effortless good company simply zings by” Chortle.co.uk

The Big Finale.- MC. Hobart Comedy Festival
Raw Comedy Hobart Final - MC. National Comedy Competition
SuperStar Karaoke - Co-host with Wes Snelling. Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF)
UpFront 11 - MICF
LoveBites at The Love Lounge - Regular feature. MICF
Character Comedy - MC. MICF, Glitch Bar and Cinema.
LaughterHouse - The Aviation Club, Dubai

Lush - Solo show. Hobart Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe
The Big Finale. Hobart Comedy Festival
SuperStar Karaoke - Co-host with Adam Richard. MICF
Upfront 10. MICF
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2004 Roadshow - Regional New South Wales tour, May - June.

The Big Finale. Hobart Comedy Festival
The Funny Girls. Touring Western Australia.
SuperStar Karaoke - Co-host with Adam Richard. MICF
Upfront 9. MICF
Jupiters Casino Gala. Gold Coast Comedy Festival
Puppetry Of The Penis - Support act. Touring Western Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory and Victoria, July - October.

Overexposed - Solo show. Hong Kong Fringe Festival.
Outrageous! - with Adam Richard. MICF, Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Raw Comedy - National comedy competition. Regular MC Sydney and Melbourne heats.
Upfront 8. MICF
Puppetry Of The Penis - Support act. Melbourne season.

Comedy Festival Gala. MICF
Sing Your Arse Off! - Solo show. MICF
Upfront 7. MICF
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2001 Roadshow - Touring regional centres and capital cities throughout Australia, April - July.
Puppetry Of The Penis - Support act. Sydney season.
Anywhere Music Club, Singapore

Kim Hope and Adam Richard are Sassy! MICF, return season at Prince Patrick Hotel, Melbourne.
Upfront 6 - Co-host. MICF
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2000 Roadshow - Touring regional Victoria and South Australia
Stand Up New York, LA Improv - showcase gigs

Overexposed - Solo show. MICF
Shame: The College Years - with Adam Richard, Peter Helliar and Rove McManus. MICF
Upfront 5. MICF

Kim Kong - Solo show. MICF
Shame - with Adam Richard, Peter Helliar and Rove McManus. MICF
Miss Itchy's Crème de Menthe Breakfast Show - Cast member. MICF
Upfront 4. MICF
Miss Itchy's Crème de Menthe Hangover Breakfast Show - Cast member. Melbourne Fringe
Miss LouLou's Tap Dancing Starlettes - MC Melbourne season.

Miss Itchy: I Can't Stop Burrowing - Cast member. MICF
Upfront 3. MICF
Stand-Outs. MICF

Upfront 2. MICF
Miss Itchy's Breakfast Show - Cast member. Melbourne Fringe

La Joke at The Last Laugh. MICF
1994 - Now
Regular appearances at various venues throughout Australia including Sydney's Comedy Store, Melbourne's Comedy Club, Le Joke, Hi-Fi Bar, The Cheese Shop, Espy Comedy, Elbow Grease as well as on the Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane comedy circuit.

2002 - 03
The Glass House - Regular guest panellist. ABC-TV
Beauty and the Beast - Guest panellist. Foxtel
Mikey, Pubs and Beer Nuts - Guest appearance. Network Ten
The Big Schmooze - Guest appearance. thecomedychannel
All Star Squares - Core cast member, writer of daily comedy game show. Seven Network
The Loft Live - Host and producer of weekly chat show. Channel 31
Rove - Guest comedian and sketch performer. Nine Network
BackBerner - Guest writer and presenter of current affairs comedy show. ABC-TV
Good News Week Night Lite - Regular guest panelist. Network Ten
Whose Shout? - Regular guest. Channel 31
Sunday Roast - Guest panelist. Fox8
The Sci-Files - Co-presenter of weekly science-fiction show. TV1
The Loft Live - Co-host, guest host, core cast member, segment producer. Channel 31
Totally Full Frontal - Cast member in sketch show. Network Ten
Headliners - Stand-up performance. thecomedychannel
Good News Weekend - Regular panellist. ABC-TV
1998 - 2002
Upfronts 4-8 - Televised annual MICF event. ABC-TV
1998 - 2000
Good News Week - Regular panellist. ABC-TV, Network Ten
The Loft Live - Core cast member. Channel 31
1995 - 1997
Under Melbourne Tonight - Guest comedian. Channel 31

Guest spots and interviews on a range of programs and stations nationally including Triple J, Triple M, Fox FM, 3LO, ABC Radio National, local and community radio.

Breakfast with Hughsey, Kate and Dave, Nova 100 - Weekly segment on Wednesdays
Dramarama, 3RRR - Regular guest.
Breakfast Show with Adam Spencer, Triple J - Weekly segment on Tuesdays
1997 - 98
Home Grown Humour - Stand-up comedy packaged for syndication across Australia by Radiowise
Richard Stubbs Breakfast Show, Triple M - Regular guest
1996 - 97
Breakfasters, 3RRR - Weekly segments on Mondays and Fridays
In addition to contributing material to All Star Squares, The Loft Live and BackBerner, Kim has written various articles for The Age, Herald Sun, InPress and Beat Magazine.

Kim is a graduate of the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts School of Drama. She has played small roles in Neighbours [Network Ten] and The Damnation of Harvey McHugh [ABC-TV], featured in television commercials, short films, Totally Full Frontal and can be seen in sketches on the Rove '99 DVD. She appeared as Regan in King Lear as part of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival [Australia] and was a huge hit in the 2001 comedy Crimes Of Fashion, produced by Fragile Ego Productions.

Kim has performed at and hosted many private functions for a large range of corporations, charities, business and community groups. She has worked regularly as a presenter at trade fairs and in corporate training videos. In 2004 she MC'ed the prestigious South Australian Master Builders Association Awards dinner at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Brian McCarthy Memorial Moosehead Award for Sing Your Arse Off!
Stella Award [now Barry Award] for Best Show in the 1998 Melbourne International Comedy Festival for Miss Itchy's Crème de Menthe Breakfast Show (Cast Member)
Brian McCarthy Memorial Moosehead Award for I Can't Stop Burrowing (Cast Member)

"... Hope is a very talented performer who obviously thrives in front of a large audience... she bursts onto the stage and maintains a frenetic, cartoonish pace throughout her show..."
- The Age, Melbourne

"... Hope's solo venture Overexposed showed why the Amazonian-looking beauty is carving herself a comfortable niche in the Australian comedy scene..."
- Drum Media, Sydney

"... with her safety-net free, 'hold tight and fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride' routines, Kim Hope's live performances are an exercise in comic callisthenics..."
- Juice Magazine, Australia

"... a performer with a beguilingly expressive face, her slightly ingenuous persona has that rare quality of making the audience want to laugh with her... one of Melbourne's most talented comedians..."
- Herald Sun, Melbourne

"... her humour is bitchy, biting and, at times, noir... very funny, immensely likeable... she brought the house down..."
- InPress, Melbourne

"... Hope is tall and beautiful and the audience loved her..."
- Elle Magazine, Australia

"... enormously entertaining... a pacy show packed with loads of laughs... Kim Hope is excellent..."
- Beat Magazine, Melbourne

Sing Your Arse Off! - MICF 2001
"A comedy show about bowel cancer??? I had high expectations walking into this one. Anybody who endeavours to show us the funny side of terminal illness and has the capacity to pull it off deserves due credit. Kim Hope not only pulls it off, she delivers a sharp performance with her typically brazen charm and infectious brand of humour.

Sing Your Arse Off! Is the story of Kim's sister Tina, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year. With her cancer in remission, Tina, a self-confessed karaoke queen, decided to embark on a musical tour of the U.S. She was to sing her way across the continent, bursting into "New York, New York" atop the empire State Building and so on [you get the idea]. Kim, deciding this was a fab concept for a doco, packed the video camera and tagged along.

For the most part, the show revolves around this grand musical adventure gone awry. Kim's anecdotes of their journey are a tribute to her sisters unfailing strength and humour and explore the respective ways in which the two siblings cope with Tina's illness.

With deeply memorable moments that are sure to stay with you long after the show is over, Sing Your Arse Off! ensures a passionate performance from Hope. She succeeds not only in making laugh at a humourless subject, but also manages to relay a very moving story about the realities of dealing with terminal illness."

- Louise Jones, InPress

"This show illustrates two impressive tenets: 1] the emotive, captivating and valuable potential comedy can have as a medium, and: 2] Kim Hope's range as a comedian and storyteller.

This show was a moving, hilarious and well-crafted piece with real creative flair and an undeniable audience captivation. This is a special highlight of the Festival."

- Charlie Pickering, Triple J

Outrageous! With Adam Richard - MICF 2002
"It's wonderful to see comedians enjoying themselves onstage. And it's even more wonderful when their enjoyment translates into laughs for the crowds.

Kim Hope and Adam Richard do both in their show Outrageous!, which is half 'wrong' stand-up and half slapstick, skit-style cabaret. The gags are fast, funny, contemporaneous - a certain philandering footballer cops a pasting and a half - and Hope and Richard are not afraid of letting good taste getting in the way of a good [or bad] joke.

It's the kind of cutting stuff you would hear thrown around a private gathering of friends without fear or favour. The pair's routine is somewhat of a conversation between close friends [which they are] delivered to the audience. It's hard-at-it, in-your-face and creates a huge momentum for itself which gives it an almost unrehearsed feel. Hope has my favourite line-but you'll have to see the show to hear it!"

- Lyall Johnson, The Age