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James Dowdeswell

“James Dowdeswell is a real master of the comedian’s craft.” Chortle.co.uk

James is an imaginative storytelling comedian who combines deft stand-up with daft stories.

This year Dowdeswell has appeared on Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC), Celebrity Deal Or No Deal with Jimmy Carr (C4), Olympics Greatest Moments (BBC) and Jongleurs Live (Loaded TV). He has also appeared in Ricky Gervais’ Extras, The World Stands Up, Edinburgh And Beyond on the Paramount Comedy Channel. He is currently filming his own comedy show about wine called “James Dowdeswell – Black Belt In Wine.”

James is a headline act at most top UK comedy clubs and co-produces Storytellers’ Club with Sarah Bennetto. His comedy has travelled as far as Shanghai, Dubai, Doha, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Bali, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Malta, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Australia and Singapore.

Extras (BBC)
Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC)
Celebrity Deal Or No Deal with Jimmy Carr (C4)
Olympics Greatest Moments (BBC)
Jongleurs Live (Loaded TV)
The World Stands Up (Paramount)
Edinburgh and Beyond (Paramount)
Roadrunner (BBC Pilot)
Jamie Cullum Video
Rekindle (Short Film)
Chaos (Sketch Show Pilot)
Why Did The Chicken (HTV Wales)
The Wine Squad – Channel 31, Australia 

James’ latest solo show – Urban Wurzel, was a hit at the 2012 Edinburgh Festival. Reviews include:

“His material is top drawer” **** Chortle

”An excellent line in comedy” The Guardian Pick Of The Week

”Great fun throughout … as though we’ve all just met down the pub.” **** Three Weeks

James is regular at both the Edinburgh Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals. Reviews for his solo shows include:

“James Dowdeswell is a real master of the comedian’s craft, being able to almost seamlessly layer joke upon joke to form this wonderful and often hilarious one-man show. It is a genuine pleasure to be in the company of this master gag smith for an hour, an experience that few should really pass up.”****  Chortle

“Intelligent and inventive” **** The List

“This is feel-good comedy with a capital F. If he isn’t a sell out I’ll eat my hat.” ****Three Weeks

“Beautifully twee comedian James Dowdeswell is a joy to watch … the show is almost worth seeing for his Stewart Lee impression alone.” **** The Skinny

Witty one-liners and extended pieces - like Eminem rapping Shakespeare - proved a triumph
Venue Magazine