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Nightmare Party

Nightmare Party was a sketch outfit active in the early 2010s, composed of a pair of writer-performers identifying only as the Vicar of Discord and the Mad Chorister. These self-described macabre artisans sought to incorporate a number of philosophical musings and legitimate theatrical techniques into their work, and in doing so transcend the medium of ‘sketch comedy’ and push straight on through into ‘sketch art’. Their only known gig to date was in Sheffield in 2012, after which they were forced to disband due to artistic, personal and health differences.

‘These young sex-o upstarts are the next big thing, no doubt about it. I, for one, expect them to be gracing our screens very soon’ – Tommy Drobinski, tdcomedy.wordpress.com [NB: in light of compelling recently-discovered chatlogs, Tommy Drobinski is highly likely to have been a member of Nightmare Party]

Nightmare Party’s Pick of the August Rehearsal 2012 (WINNER)
Nightmare Party’s Pick of the September Rehearsal 2012 (SEMI-FINALIST)
Never been gonged at any gong show, ever.

If you want to book Nightmare Party to perform at your night, it might disappoint you to learn that they’re dead.