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Lucas Jolson

'Bubbling enthusiasm, his performance cemented with a hysterical tale' (Slough Observer)

Amused Moose Semi-Finalist
Comedy Knight's Fresh Comedian Finalist
Newbury Comedian of the Year Finalist
Beat the Blackout @ Up the Creek
Laughing Pod New Act Battle Winner

Making his debut at Absolute Comedy in Toronto, British born Lucas Jolson has a permanent grin and high energy styling which has been delighting audiences nationwide. Rarely controversial, scarcely confrontational and always excitable, Jolson has drawn comparisons to "An overly friendly Ian Lane"

UK Comedy clubs played by Lucas Jolson

Komedia (Thursday)
Backyard Comedy Club (Thursday)
Covent Garden Comedy Club (Saturday)
Crack Comedy (Friday/Saturday)
Amused Moose (Friday)
Eminent Banter (Friday)
ED Comedy (Saturday)
Out of Bounds (Friday/Saturday)
Jokers (Saturday)
Out the box (Monday)

Evesham Arts Centre
Stratford Theatre East
Progress Theatre
Windsor Royal

Oxford Brookes

"Bubbling enthusiasm, his performance cemented with a hysterical tale" (Slough Observer)

"Great mix of material, adlibbing and crowd work" (Honest Comedy)

"Lucas Jolson's magic" (Get Reading)

"Worth his place" (Plymouth Ho Ho Ho)

"Likeable, and certainly had enthusiasm" (Alt Reading)

"Likeable and rewarding with well constructed funnies" - (Big Red Comedy)

"Impressed with his quirky material and style; young act with promise for the future, some clever material with twists" (Nik Hill, Gloucester Brewery)

"Typical Brit School graduate, who does a lot of jumping and up down demanding that life affords him the respect he thinks he deserves" (Blast AM)

"An overly friendly Ian Lane" (Pulp Comedy)