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Alan Graves

Alan has been involved in some form of comedy since he was a little boy.

Alan has been performing stand up comedy since June 2007, but began writing it at a mere 12 years old. Completing a somewhat scruffy sitcom by the age of 13, he knew that he wanted to be a comedian before anyone even had the chance to ask.

His comedy virginity was broken at the Blessington Carriage in Derby, June 2007 at a blossoming 16 years of age where his act went down so well the other comedians refused to believe it was his first time. The video of this can still be found on YouTube.

After performing around the UK for a while, Alan set up his own comedy night at a nightclub in Derby called Susumi. The first of these nights being on July 15th 2007, the second on the 10th February 2008. Both just as successful as the other, with paying audience figures reaching over 100 on both occasions. Despite this, he still had his sights set much higher. So, towards the end of 2008 he set up 'Comedy Gold', a comedy club based at the Waterfall in Derby.

His style of writing tends to be: 'set-up, punchline' throughout the set, whilst bizarrely staying on topic. Because most of his jokes are in-your-face, his delivery can be varied. Sometimes it's: heres my joke, now laugh. And other times he'll mix it up and play down the punchline, which works so well after making the audience believe he is a punchline man. The anecdotes his set contains do create some funny situations, but the big laughs are his sharp punchlines, which somehow weave their way into the storyline.

He is not only an accomplished stand up, but a brilliant compere. He relates his short time on stage to the last or the upcoming act, keeps the audience in high spirits and knows how to be edgy without crossing the line.


'This man is a genius.' Albert Einstein

'...he has a hell of a lot of potential...' Gary Delaney, Stand Up Comedian

'You are an arse.' Several ex-girlfriends

'None of us believed that was your first gig!' Andrew Watts, Stand Up Comedian