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Steffan Alun

“Gigging regularly since July 2011, Alun has honed his craft and is a prolific writer and reliable performer.

“He recently caused a storm on S4C’s Welsh language jokefest Gigl. Expect great things from him in 2013.” - Western Mail

Already gigging regularly up and down the country, Steffan Alun has been a full-time comic since January 2015, and looks set to become a big name in comedy.

Performing in both English and Welsh, Steffan is already familiar to viewers of S4C and listeners of Radio Cymru, starring in standup showcases and panel shows, as well as guest spots on a number of light entertainment shows.

As well as hosting, opening, and occasionally closing club gigs across the UK, Steffan has been a big hit at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival, appearing in showcases in both English and Welsh since 2013.  As well as a reliable club act, Steffan is a passionate advocate of alternative comedy.  In all kinds of gigs, he explores the surreal and the mundane with equal enthusiasm and makes sure nobody is left behind.


“Steffan Alun is a powerful voice amongst the new breed of Welsh acts. Articulate, erudite, his material belies a passion for the ludicrous ... watching him on stage is like witnessing Lion King on acid ... his movements are those of a lithe panther. Lucozade bottles litter the stage after every gig, that's a routine that will probably go down as a classic ...” - Noel James, star of Magners Pint-sized Comedy, Dave

"Geeky, hairy and far funnier than a comic of his experience has any right to be." - Paul James, comedian/promoter of The Clown’s Pocket, Neath & Newport

“Steffan has such a beguiling personality that he draws you into his world. This is the second time I have seen him and both times I have found him to be a compelling storyteller.” - Dave Dinsdale, promoter of the Hollybush Inn

“Funny as a leek and fierce as a dragon. Steffan’s wit and intellect will not go unnoticed, especially with his delightful Welsh accent.” - Laughing Coyote Comedy