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Kath Hughes

“Hughes certainly pulls her weight, as all three have formidable acting chops, going from the sublime to the ridiculous and demonstrating a gift for physical as well as verbal comedy in their big, pugnacious and energetic performances. The three are pretty brutal with each other, adding violence both physical and psychological to their toilet humour in a messy melting pot of humanity’s baser instincts” – Chortle

“Despite the air of simmering surrealism that is rather common in sketch comedy these days, the originality of the ideas and deadpan naturalism of the performances – Kath Hughes’s especially – help make the show feel very much its own thing” – The Telegraph

Understated, with a devastating line in nuanced comic timing, Kath’s performance style is a breath of fresh air on both stage and screen.

Kath’s background in film production informs much of her work with a preference for the unassuming when writing and performing, thus creating faceted and naturalistic scenes and dialogue.

Kath is part of Gein’s Family Giftshop, who in 2014 were nominees for the Best Newcomer Award at The Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards. They are also winners of London Sketchfest’s Best New Sketch Act & The Audience Choice Award 2014.

Nominee – Best Newcomer Award - Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2014
Winner – London Sketchfest – Best New Sketch 2014
Winner – London Sketchfest - Audience Choice – 2014

“Kath Hughes is deadpan and sardonic, sending herself up with confidence, and able to shift between her default role as the beleaguered of the three to an intimidating stage presence. Hughes’s finest moments occur when she is jousting with one of the other two in one of their sharp-tongued interchanges” – Short.com

“As befits their serial killer, specialist vendor name, Gein’s Family Giftshop excel in the delivery of dark and uniquely depraved sketches. With James Meehan as the de facto leader, Kath Hughes as the put-upon woman and Ed Easton as a constant force for chaos and childish intemperance, this is a really distinctive debut hour that glories in its own silliness, scatology and twisted masturbatory fantasies, without ever growing overpowering” – Fest

2014 – Edinburgh Festival Fringe
2014 – Sheffield Comedy Festival
2014 – Preston Tringe Festival
2014 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival
2014 – Buxton Fringe Festival
2014 – Greater Manchester Fringe
2014 – Sheffield Peace Festival
2014 – Awareness Festival
2014 – Brighton Fringe Festival
2014 – Leicester Comedy Festival
2013 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival
2013 – Sheffield Comedy Festival
2013 – Preston Tringe Festival

Currently appearing at: Gein’s Family Giftshop: National Festivals, The Soho Theatre, Gein’s Bargain Basement at the Kings Ams - Salford, Suspiciously Cheap Comedy at the Backyard - E.London, and many more