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Tom Davis

Tom Davis is an exciting new comedy talent who most recently displayed his knack for creating original comedy characters in The Morgana Show on Channel 4.

At 6 foot 7 Tom and his personality are literally larger than life and as a stand-up Tom is moving forward at a rapid pace. Tom’s London gigs have included Just the Tonic, Outside the Box, Spanked, Electric Mouse, Banana Cabaret, Downstairs at the Kings Head and Lowdown at the Albany.

In early 2011 Tom will begin shooting a pilot for his own Channel 4 sitcom The Warm Up Guy. Tom has also just won a part in a new Channel 4 animation comedy, and has just filmed a cameo with Bob Hoskin’s in his new film Weighed In: The Story of the Mumper. He has previously starred in Leigh Francis’ Cha’mone Mo’ Fo’ Selecta!for E4.

At the moment Channel 4 are 100% behind him and very excited about him becoming the next big comedy face of the channel.

2011 The Warm Up Guy (pilot)
2011 Weighed In: The Story of The Mumper
2010 The Morgana Show
2009 Cha’mone Mo’ Fo’ Selecta!