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Dom Jolly

This Is Dom Joly - Producer/ Pertormer - BBC3, February 2003
Trigger Happy TV Christmas Specials - Co-writer/ Co-producer/ Pertormer - Channel 4, 21st and 24th December, 2001
We Know Where You Live Live! - Co-writer/ Pertormer - Channel 4, 16th June, 2001
Trigger Happy TV, Series 1 & 2 - Co-writer/ Co-producer/Performer - Channel 4, 2000 and 2001
Trigger Happy TV - Co-writer/ Co-producer/Performer - Comedy Lab for Channel 4, 1998
The War Of The Flea - Writer/ Producer - Paramount Comedy Channel
The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, Series 1 - Political Researcher - Channel 4, 1996
ITN Political - Producer- ITN

Live Performing:
We Know Where You Live Live! Co-writer/ Pertormer Benefit gig for Amnesty International, Wembley Arena, 3rd June, 2001

Trigger Happy TV - Silver Rose of Montreux, 2000 - BBC2 Award, Best Entertainment Show, 2000
PepperamiIWorld Cup Campaign Campaign Media Stunt of the Year Award, 1999