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Character based comedy acts

Abi Makes Music
Ada Campe
Alice B
Alyssa Kyria aka Ariadne the Greek WAG
Amazing Mr Smith
Andy Francesco

Anil Desai
Anti-Duhring Battalion
Arnie Kidden -The Scaffolder
Barbara Nice

The Bareback Banshee
Barely Connolly!
Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper
Billy Connearly
Bob Doolally
Bob Downe

Brother Danny David McFeely
Bunstan McFunkstan
Channel 53
Charlie Chuck
Charlotte Reather as Henrietta Arden-Bibby
Chubby 'D' Brown Experience
Clitty RubQuick
Cocoanut Lady
Count Arthur Strong
Dalton Trombo's Reluctant Cabaret

Dawn of the Dead
Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus

Dinah Rodd
DJ Booth

Doris La Trine
Earl of Mongoose
Ed Hill - The Reverend Hyde

Ennio Marchetto

The Establishment
Flange Krammer
Fourth Wall

Frank Sanazi
Freaks Outing
Gary Le Strange

George Ryegold
The Great Bonzo and Doris
Great Britain Explained
Half Naked Chef
Helen Kane

Holly Burn
Ian Crawford
Ian D Montfort
Ivan Brackenbury
Jackie Clune
Jade the Folk Singer
Jasper Blakeley as Kockov
Jo Selby as Tatiana Ostrakova
Keith Platt - Professional Yorkshireman

Kevin Cruise
Kris Kenny as Roy Chubby Brown tribute
LaQuisha Jonz
Lee Nelson
Lenny Beige

LJ Da Funk
Lorna Meehan
Louise Stokes as Kimmy Sue Anne
Madame Galina

Manos the Greek
Marcel Lucont
Marcus Powell
Marr Bum
Matt Barnard as Man of Tweed
Matt Lucas
Matt Roper
Mick Sergeant

Miss Behave
Mr Methane

Mr Secret
Mr Zed
Nightmare Party
Norby West - Grandad from Hell
Pam Ann

Pat Cancer
Paul Currie
Psycho Dave
Ray Peacock
Reverend O'Badiah Steppenwolf III
Ricky Grover

Robert Eldridge
Roland Saunders
Ruggid McFuggid

Sacha Distilled
Sandra Bee
Scarlet Pimps
Simon Day
Simon Munnery

Simon Salmon
The Singing Christmas Tree
Sir Ian Bowler MP
Sol Bernstein

Steve Whiteley
Svetlana - the Oligarch's wife
Syd Selby & Fanny

Terry Topple
Timmy Balcutt
Tina C

Trevor Organ
We Are Klang
Valentine F
Woody Bop Muddy