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Balkan Girl

Gordana Micic, aka Gordi or Balkan Girl, is a comedian, dancer, producer, writer, actor, scientist, engineer, pilot, managing consultant, mother and… a very bad cook. Often referred to as the lovechild of Albert Einstein and Audrey Hepburn due to her physical likeness to the scientist and physics/science background and… his graceful demeanour too! It’s all relative, right?!

Gordana performs a selection of short extracts from her Balkan Girl show which has been very well received in the UK and abroad. In her set, she tells a story of a young girl’s understanding of the world through music, dance and jokes reframing some of the past dramatic experiences. Every stage of her life is accompanied with a dance and musical number which are highly uplifting and full of wittiness.

Formerly one of the top UK’s dancers, she is an international all-round performer and public speaker, equally known in the business world for delivering some of the most enjoyable and entertaining after dinner and motivational speeches full of anecdotes from her international career, career in change management and supporting wellbeing lifestyle.

Gordana has been organising business (personal and professional development and team building) and entertainment events for over 20 years and is a founder of Groovie Comedy club in London.


“Balkan Girl is a haughty, menacing dancing diva who hilariously transforms into the real Gordi via anecdotes, audience interaction and the Argentine tango.”

“A bravura performance full of warmth, narrative and laughs. Compelling, original and very funny.”

“Bringing a unique blend of performance skills with her dance & physical comedy, uplifting and fun storytelling -  a complete educational blast!”

 “A compelling & hilarious story of survival and joyful hope in relentless search for meaning in life – use of dance and musical metaphors accompanying a very powerful story telling"

YouTube: https://youtu.be/L1gOR6m_OVk (gordi_comedy)