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Andrea Andrassy

Newspaper quotes:
"She quickly won over the audience with her witty punchlines, and when one brave male audience member tried to confuse her by shouting things her way, she quickly showed him who the stronger sex was" -  Standup.hr, describing her performance on the Panč festival 2011.

"She's not afraid to speak her mind, and says things that are usually reserved for men" – Emilia Sekulić, reporter

"She single-handedly disproves the theory that women can't be funny. They can, and she is " – Storybook magazine

"I very much look forward to this years' Panč festival, I expect the charming Andrea Andrassy to shine like she always does" – comedian Tin Vodopivec (opened for Eddie Izzard) for Sta.si

Sarcastically charming Andrea is a Croatian stand-up comedian, columnist and radio show host. Her girlie looks might and will deceive you – she loves her humour dark and a little bit twisted, causing her to be the first Croatian comedian ever to be banned from a venue. Sometimes, if you close your eyes, you may think it's a guy you're listening to.  She started out really dark, but over the years, she's developed a taste for everyday  jokes as well, so her repertoire has broadened and you could almost bring your grandmother to the show, but you still better not. 

She performs in Croatian and English, she also has a minute of Hungarian material (or at least believes she does).

Comedy clubs:
Studio smijeha (resident), Papaya, Spunk, Boogaloo, Tvornica kulture, Arsenal, Westgate shopping city, Cineplexx movie theater, Gradna, Trsatska gradina, Filmodrammatica, Old bridge pub, The Movie pub (Croatia); Cvetlicarna, The Ljubljana castle (Panč festival), Metelkova, MC Patriot, MC Metlika, Lent Festival Maribor, Satchmo, Cirkus, KMS, Hotel Park, Branibor klub, EMCE klub, Klub Kinodrom Kamnik (Slovenia);  Godot Pub (Hungary); Dom omladine Beograd, StandupFest (Serbia) etc.

Acts she has supported:
Dave Thompson, Paddy Lennox, Adam Ethan Crow, Dana Michelle Alexander, Ava Vidal, Mark Felgate, Cameron Blair, David Whitney , Vince Atta, Simon Feilder , Kim Hope, Kevin Shepherd etc.

Multiple winner of the Open mic competition iz Zagreb
Named the "IT Girl" by Storybook magazine

TV/Radio and other appearances:

HRT, Zadar TV, Nova TV, guest commentary on Student TV

Interview with Splitsider.com http://splitsider.com/2011/10/stand-up-croatia/

Special appearance in fellow comedian' s viral video named "Hire me Jon Stewart", where she plays a French girl

Radio show host on Antena Zagreb, HIT FM and Prvi radio (current), hosts a pime-time show called the Drive time show which features witty comments on everyday life, and goes on every workday from 3pm to 6pm http://prviradio.hr/Staff/4

Author of sucessful sketch featuring a phonecall to the German Bild magazine after calling Croatia the new European garveyard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv21CEWuV00&feature=youtu.be, featured on many websites such as Index.hr http://www.index.hr/black/clanak/komicarka-andrea-andrassy-nazvala-bild-i-objasnila-im-sto-misli-o-nazivanju-hrvatske-grobljem/679502.aspx

Author of a very popular column called Dnevnik gradske cure (The city girl diaries) on Croatia's number one website Index.hr, found here: http://www.index.hr/rouge/1541/dnevnik-gradske-cure.aspx