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Gema Enseñat

Starting out her career very early on as a child model, Gema could easily have ended up precocious. Instead she ended up a comedian.

Whether it’s captivating audiences as a TV presenter, session singing on commercials and in function bands, touring Europe as a stage actress or dancing flamenco in professional productions, Gema has spent most of her life on stage or in front of the camera, always making people laugh... so decided at long last to make a career of it.

Gema believes her varied usual/unusual experiences of life have lead her to draw her animated conclusions on everyday situations that we all recognise... current and always evolving, don’t expect her set to stand still... Do expect an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. This girl can hold her own amongst the boys, and isn’t afraid of hecklers!

And no, just because she’s from Liverpool – it doesn’t mean she’s Lisa Tarbuck’s sister, or Lilly Savage’s niece. No relation. Really.

Gema also dedicates time to hands-on charity work, volunteering and youth mentoring schemes across London. Her ability to transform serious and previously taboo subjects into matters that can be both humorous and thus easily discussed has lead to Gema giving motivational talks in secondary schools, and even working alongside MET Police in the fight against knife crime.

Presently combining open mic nights for Mirth Control and independently run nights all over London and the South East – you’re bound to hear of her soon, if you haven’t already...

They say
‘...Gema is a Spanish-speaking Liverpudlian who can kill her audience members with one eyebrow-lifted glance. She draws on different voices, accents and tones to dwell on unexpected but totally recognizable situations, twisting even the most mundane scenario (‘you look familiar?’) into its surreal denouement (a police identification parade)...,’

‘...A great storyteller and performer who belongs on the stage. Her knowing persona swerves from the flirty and sexy to the downright scary. You never know what’s coming next. This is a woman who deserves a break – a cross between Charlotte Church and Jonathan Ross, she should have her own show anytime soon...’

QVC, Ideal World, Ideal Vitality, Price Drop, Bid-Up, Create & Craft TV, The Jewellery Channel, Supercasino (Live Roulette & Live Blackjack), Play Monday, Big Box Bingo, Eurotelemillions (Channel Five)

Radio & Voice-over work
Channel Five, Sky1, Sky Real Lives, Sky Movies, Galaxy 105, Kiss FM, BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Leeds, Capital FM, Holiday FM, Core Digital, Capital Disney, Century Digital, Disney Kids, Seven Seas Oil, Morrisons, Motorola V3i .