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Kitty Flanagan

One of Sydney' busiest and best stand up comedians, Kitty Flanagan has had her face on the telly enough times to turn the occasional head in a suburban Australian McDonalds outlet.

A professional standup since 1994, Kitty headlines regularly at all the major comedy clubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. She has also performed in Edinburgh and done a comedian's tour of duty in Singapore. In 1995, she joined the sketch comedy programme, FULL FRONTAL where, as a writer/performer, she created some of the show¹s most obscure and popular characters.

A talented character actor she has also appeared on the ABC's MICALLIFF programme, starred in the recent GOOD NEWS WEEK Comedy Debate Series and was a core cast member of THE FIFTY FOOT SHOW, a popular sketch comedy produced by Artist Services for the Comedy Channel. In the UK she appeared on The Stand Up Show in 2001.

Her one woman show "FLANOSSERUS" debuted at the 2000 Melbourne Comedy Festival to excellent reviews.

"Flanagan is funny, intelligent and doesn't parade like a desperate monkey." Apparently that's a good thing, the show got Four Stars.

Kitty has just arrived in the UK, and is taking the country by storm, she is playing all the major venues, and can be seen on ITV1's "The Sketch Show" this Autumn. She has performed sketches from the show as part of the Aspen Comedy Festival, and will be taking part in the Montreux Television Festival later this year.

A paranoid, tall-story-telling comedian with a gift for languages, Kitty is dedicated feminist who promises to burn her wonderbra just as soon as she can afford a boob job.