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Alex Voakes - Freelance Astronaut

Alex Voakes, freelance astronaut, freelance world leader, the Earth’s leading expert on Minotaur anatomy. Also, comedian based in London.

Alex has sent over 200 letters to government agencies across the globe asking if they need an astronaut, a new leader, or someone who can talk about centaurs at formal dinners. Oddly, nobody was very impressed, not even Obama. Now he brings tales of discussions with NASA, the Democratic Party of The Cook Islands and the Natural History Museum to the comedy circuit. He also owns some pictures of Cliff Richard, sometimes he talks about those too.

‘Your ideas for our country will leave us in an irrecoverable economic state.’ - Democratic Party of the Cook Islands.

‘Please stop contacting me.’ - Brian, Tuvalu tourist board.

‘Sadly, an Ian Beale/centaur exhibition is not the kind of the thing we’re looking for at the moment.’ - Victoria & Albert Museum.