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Ben Keenan

Ben Keenan is an upstart from N. Ireland who has come over here not to do roadworks like his fellow Irishmen but to try and make the British public laugh. At him. He has a natural ear for many accents which makes him versatile and very annoying. Ben has been in the highly acclaimed New Revue several times which is London's longest running sketch comedy show and has produced the likes of Bill Bailey and the League of Gentlemen. He also has a character called Seamus who is a hard up Ronan Keating tribute act, lol. He has been doing stand now for two years and was a semi finalist in last years Amused Moose competition. He also has dozens of adverts under his belt, which makes walking rather uncomfortable. He apologies whole heartedly for his pouty headshot...twat.

T.V. credits
adverts: Birds eye, wowcher, very.co.uk, Dom Jolys hidden camera show and BT.

Gigs: Funny Feckers, TNT, Big nose Comedy, Party Piece, The Cavendish, Dirty dicks and Jesters