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If you are interested in booking or hiring any of the comedians that are featured on this website please email me at mullaney3@blueyonder.co.uk and I will be happy to pass on your enquiry.


Tom Short

I have been performing on the stand up circuit in a serious manner since January 2013.  My style includes anecdotes, a unique viewpoint being brought up in working class Salford, a view point not seen as regularly these days. I like to mix the mundaneness of television, pop culture icons of the 80s, 90s & present along with wicked one liners whilst weaving in and out of skits seamlessly. I am also adept at improvising and can break in and out of set easily to address the room; making each and every performance unique. I have got material that suits all ages and rooms and have no problem adapting to any room or audience.

Gig list
I am described as an 'up and comer' by Prestwich Comedy and have started to move up to paid middle spots on larger bills, such as receiving:

Paid Work

Regular middles from Rob Riley - Paid
Trapdoor comedy – Paid
15s from XS Malarkey - Paid
New Comedians 15 at the Comedy Store MCR - Paid
ROFL Comedy – Paid opening and middles
Middle for Marshal B Anderson – Paid
Comedy Gnome - Paid
Regular Middles for Lewis Charlesworth - Paid
Phil Walker – Middle – Paid
Bobby Murdock – Middle – Paid
Dead Cat Comedy – Middles – Paid
Middles for Andy white - Paid
Tim Bradbury – Opening & Middles Paid
Young Guns – Comedy Store - 15 mins Paid
Sambodie Middle Paid

Trial spots
Thursday opens from the Frog and Bucket
Friday 10 spots at the Comedy store MCR
Thursday 10 spots at the Comedy store MCR
Baby Blue
Hilarity Bites
Birmingham glee
Funhouse Comedy
Little Last Laugh
A Rush of Laughter
Lee Bennett
Danny McLoughlin
Jamie Sutherland
Owen Grifkin

Compere for
Dead Cat Comedy - Paid
Expo Lounge (Regular in house) – Paid
Robin Hood (Regular in house) – Paid
Club Comedy – (Regular in house) – Paid

Comedy Balloon
The Verve
Pros & Coms
NCF Canal house
FrogBox Comedy
Maguires Liverpool

I have also won many awards for my comedy performances including:

Winner of King Gong (October 2014 & June 2015)
Alt.Com.Cab's Glang! Best Comedion EVR 2014
Hot Water New act of the Year runner up 2014
FAF Breakthrough finalist 2014

The Fosters panel prize 2014 for my role as Bonzo The Clown in Funz and Gamez

Festival shows

I have performed several shows at comedy and arts festivals over the past 3 years including:

Leicester 2017
Northern Souls – 30 minutes set

Liverpool Comedy Festival 2016
Ahoy! - Compere

Edinburgh Fringe 2016
Comedy Shorts – Regular compere (full run)
Comedy Tandem – Regular compere (full run)
Short & Girlies – 30 minutes set (full run)
Ahoy! – Regular compere (12 days)

Edinburgh Fringe 2015
Kiri Pritchard-McLean WIP – Regular Warm up act (14 days)

Leicester Comedy Festival 2015
Funz and Gamez – Bonzo the Clown

Edinburgh Fringe 2014
Funz and Gamez – Bonzo the Clown (full run)
Only Child Syndrome – 30 minute set (full run)

Kings arms festival 2014
Only Child Syndrome

Greater Manchester Fringe 2014
Only Child Syndrome


My reviews have been favourable:

“there is real quality in his writing and he was thoroughly enjoyable.” – Notts Comedy Review

“Short was my pick of the night” – Now Then Magazine

 “genuinely funny physical comedy... as he ranged around from discussing pigeons, to miming dancing in a club, to funny skits about modern pop songs.” - Broadway Baby

'Short, is impossible not to love. – his awkwardness, in my opinion will be the source of his success. Short knows he’s awkward, geeky and desperately uncool, but that’s exactly what makes him, well, cool... definitely one to watch.'  - HopScotch Friday


John Cooper AKA Danny Pensive

"Original and unpredictable."


Here is a 10 at Frog and Bucket April 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pfar_sV0i-g

Here is a 10 at Komedia Brighton November 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJpe_Hk4LHU

Here’s a 10 at ComedyStore MCR November 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1mXaddlvNA