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Joey Cannon

I’m a scouser living in Bath and have been gigging since July 2012. I love talking to the crowd and hearing them laugh, sometimes cry, sometimes sigh, sometimes being sick, which nearly happened once, and letting them into the weirdness that goes on in my head, occasionally in the form of a poem.

If you could sum up my act in three words, can you let me know because I can’t!

I have performed in many venues across the South West and around: Bath, Bristol, Frome, Taunton, Oxford, Leamington Spa, Telford, Plymouth, Exeter, Cardiff, Hereford, Tewkesbury, Weston Super Mare, Harbourne.

here’s one of my gigs from July 2015


Are we still havin’ a laugh?


“I thought he was shit at first but then I stayed a bit longer and he got better and then I stayed a bit longer and security told me to leave as I hadn’t paid to get in” (Homeless Phil)

“He made me want to become a comedian” (Elton John - not the famous one just someone by the same name)

“Tommy Cooper is my favourite comedian and after seeing Joey Cannon Tommy Cooper is still my favourite comedian” (Friend of Joey’s)

“It feels like only yesterday when I saw him but actually it was the day before” (Some person who watched Joey the day before yesterday)

“If Groucho Marx could see this fella he’d be laughing in his grave, but if I saw Groucho Marx laughing in his grave that would really freak me out”   (Someone who has a vivid imagination and does drugs now and then)

“If you open the dictionary on the word ‘comedian’ it would say a performer on stage or actor who plays comic parts, and if you open the dictionary on ‘funny’ it would say amusing, comical, strange, if you open the dictionary on ‘joey’ it says something about a baby kangaroo” (Someone who likes reading dictionaries)