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If you are interested in booking or hiring any of the comedians that are featured on this website please email me at mullaney3@blueyonder.co.uk and I will be happy to pass on your enquiry.


Nathan Hudson

Funny and clever. A natural on stage. This idiot fluked a win at Hilarity Bites 2009 (on his second ever gig) before fluking a loss in the final.

A skilled anecdotalist and gag merchant (of international exposure) this guy tempers boisterous old-school crowds and uncompromising student rooms with skilled mc work or a watertight set.

Based in the North and willing to travel Nathan can offer a dynamite 15, solid 20, great 25, good 30, mediocre 40, awful 60.

His material is current and ranges from poignant to silly.


Tried to make me go to rehab I said "No. No. Dead". Looking back, she should have gone. @BBCWorld

I'm in the North. Most of us live without taste and smell. @BBCNews #sensoryloss

Wayne and Colleen Rooney convinced that with enough heat and training young Klay could grow up to be a brick. @talksport

Always thought he was a PRvert. @bbcbreaking #Clifford

Just played Candy Crush with my niece, I hurt my hand and she cried her eyes out (oh f*ck off). @ComedyNath

Oaklahomeless. @bbcworld #disaster

If the #EDL leader receives death threats from extremists he wants to modernise, surely he should become a Muslim? Safe AND influential. A win win? @ComedyNath

This might make me sound like an idiot but one and one is eight. @ComedyNath

Look children. It's Rolfaroodophile. @BBCBreaking #RolfHarris

Is it me or does Ikea sound like a Spaniard saying "I'll kill her". Just me? Fine. @ComedyNath

We globally kill 7 MILLION perfectly healthy animals PER HOUR and there's an uproar over 5000 badgers? #stopthecull

Text predict. No good with scooter, but great with pammtdp. #helpful

I used to work in a printers, it was like watching ink dry. @ComedyNath

"This conflict has gone on far too long & children have suffered more than enough" How do you suffer more than enough? @BBCWorld

Shop in town called Hidden Hearing. Somewhere. @ComedyNath

..many more "onliners" at www.twitter.com/ComedyNath


Hilarity Bites 2009 (Finalist)