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Marr Bum

"Marr Bum, dressed in a ginger fright-wig, invited everyone to look at his bum; the crowd turned and he almost caused a fight – A prize oddball" – Marissa Burgess, City Life

A-reet! I’m Marr Bum from Leigh and I’m proper funny. I tell proper funny jokes and I think of most of them on me own. So I’m proper clever me. I’m not just a hat stand, like. I’m not. I’ve done 2 gigs they were proper reet apart from one of them. I did City life Comedian of the year, right? Played at The Comedy Store, right? Some people don’t like my kind of humour, right? That’s just because it’s a load of shitty old plop-bollocks is why! HAHAHAHAHAHA.
I do songs too. On Stage I use a Big Bam Boom but I also play the synthesiser. My hits Include ‘Phil the duck’, ‘Funnybone’, ‘Meet a man – suck his willy’ and ‘Tennis’.
Anyway I’m dead cool and I like talking about me mum and I like talking about me bum and most of all I like having fun. So come on! Let’s do it. Let’s have it. Let’s go. One two three four five six seven! A-reet! Wot-ever!

That was possibly the shittest thing I’ve ever seen. He has ‘minus talent’ – Ian Stone

The true meaning of Alternative comedy - or should that be ‘not comedy’ – Some woman off the telly.

‘Twat’ – Iain Woodrow

A veritable turd-cake - Anti-Comedy - fails miserably to understand the nature of performance or comedy – Ros Bell

‘Idiot’ – Jenny C

‘Fûcking ace. The missing link between Frank Sidebottom and Vic Reeves’ – Duck Egg

‘A legend – brilliant’ – Dave Bishop