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Lucifire was spawned out of a unique combination of pyromania, professional dance training and time honoured burlesque sideshow favourites. Featured as the cover story of 'Bizarre' magazine as one of their 'Ten women not to mess with'. Beware her evil sense of humour!

Sideshow Stunts... this is not TV, these are not special effects...this is real. This fire eating, fire breathing, angle grinding educated pyromaniac has studied BTECs in fireworks and pyrotechnics. Other stunts include: eating a light bulb; walking and jumping on broken glass; hammering a six inch nail into
the head; mental flossing with a steel chain; being stood on, on a bed of nails; stubbing out cigars on the tongue; eating all manner of live creepy crawlies, and live stapling and piercing...all done in the best possible taste.

Lucifire's grotesque burlesque, fully choreographed stage shows are perverse fantasies full of slapstick humour and monstrous props that warp stereotypes of femininity from stage and screen. These include a twisted take on cult classic Rosemary's Baby a tragic comedy of drugs and sexuality starring incompatible Siamese twins; a drag queen striptease ending in flaying herself alive (years before Robbie's video);
and a lesbian Frankenstein B-movie live on stage (also a member of 'Crafty'). Some characters available for walkabout, aerial bungee acts for 'bounce-about'. Many other shows available. Collaborations and commissions also welcomed.

Previously toured to: London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Ibiza, New York, LA, Barcelona, Paris, Jerusalem, Zurich, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Belgium, Greece, Japan and Australia.

'Two women have pinned one of the male dancers to the roof of a car. A tiny red haired girl with a maniacal grin leaps at him and drives the angle-grinder viciously into his crotch. A cloud of blood spurts everywhere and the crowd goes insane.' - SKY Magazine