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Russ Meneve

There's a new name on the New York comedy scene that has people talking -- and laughing! Russ Meneve is on the fast track to becoming one of comedy's next big breakout stars. The Hawthorne, New Jersey native has been performing comedy in and around New York City for the past eight years, where he has honed his skills to an edge as sharp as his material. Nowhere was this more evident than on NBC-TV's "The Tonight Show," where Russ recently made his debut to rave reviews from host Jay Leno and an appreciative studio audience that he had rolling in the aisles.

Writing and performing stand-up comedy is life's blood for Russ. Of his experience as a stand-up comedian, Russ says: "I've never been happier. Comedy is a true art form, and when done creatively and skillfully, it is something very special." This deep respect for the art of comedy is apparent in Russ' performances. He is a tireless writer and performer, often performing seven days a week at a handful of comedy clubs throughout New York City.

Russ is widely regarded among his peers and industry professionals alike as one of today's most prolific writers and talented performers. He is constantly writing, refining and honing his act. Russ displays great confidence in his material and, coupled with a commanding and engaging stage presence, keeps his audiences fixed on his every word.

Like many other aspiring stand-ups, Russ got his start by performing and, admittedly, bombing in a high school talent show. But it was that one experience that led him to his true calling. After a stint at as an accountant for Price Waterhouse, Russ left the mundane 9-to-5 life behind to pursue his dream. He entered the crucible of all crucibles for show biz hopefuls, New York City, and began performing at open mike nights around town. His strong work ethic and smart sense of humor made him a natural for the stage. Russ is seemingly at home in the spotlight. In no time at all, Russ was making leaps and bounds in the business and caught the attention of talent agents and club bookers. He quickly developed into a strong and seasoned performer, with that rare ability to connect to audiences of different ages, sexes, races and ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Among Russ' numerous credits are appearances on NBC-TV's "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," "Last Call with Carson Daly" "Last Comic Standing," and "The Caroline Rhea Show." Ironically, all three shows are taped at the NBC Studios where Russ once worked as a page. Says Russ: "It's kind of weird to go back to perform stand-up where I worked as a page, seating people, getting coffee, getting yelled at by a guy with a clipboard and a headset. It sounds dismal, but it was show business. It's even more meaningful for me that I can go back as a comedian with a goal realized and a poignant memory of what motivated me to get there." With a keen eye sharply focussed on the future, fully armed with an arsenal of powerful material, Russ Meneve is one comic poised for great success and the sky's the limit.