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David Airey

With less than two years performing under his belt, self-proclaimed “one-liner designer” David Airey is already establishing himself as a comedy force to be reckoned with. Not afraid to venture into unfamiliar surroundings he has graced the stages of venues throughout the North-West and beyond without relying on a stereotypical ‘Scouse’ persona to carry his act. Lots of work has obviously been undertaken to arrive at his set, crammed with cleverly constructed one-liners. Repeat performances are the norm for this young man, who has quickly established himself as a favourite for many local comedy fans.

David Airey started off his stand-up career back in July 2010 at the age of 22 when he put on a comedy night with the help of a friend. That night became a huge success and David and his friend continued to run the comedy night together for the next three months before he dropped out to let his friend take over full responsibility of the comedy night and so he could focus more on developing his own style and flair.

His first few gigs consisted mainly of an alternatively styled observational act with a hint of a one-liner thrown in here and there. After much experimentation he found his comic strength purely in one-liners and wordplay, and has stuck with it ever since. It has worked very much in his favour as his timing, delivery and overall stage presence has flourished immensely at such a quick rate and in such a short time. He has a full-time job, is a loving boyfriend and has a 3-year old daughter yet still finds the time to grace the stages of comedy clubs to perform his laidback and charming witticisms, sometimes to crowds of hundreds of people with seemingly little effort or regard to the size of the audience he is performing for.

David schooled himself at Liverpool’s Hot Water Comedy Club and is currently managed by Hot Water Comedy Management. He regards himself a product of that very club, as it is at this venue that David has developed his comic style and came from being a fresh face to one of the most respected and well-known faces on the amateur comedy circuit in the city.

He is a keen writer and lover of the English language, which is obvious when you see this gifted word-smith perform. Mr Airey, now 24, has truly blossomed since his first gig and just seems to be getting better and better, always performing to a high standard. He is known and loved for his relaxed and mainly deadpan delivery of his gags, which range from surreal to witty one-liners, and span from both the obscene to the obscure.

Gigged for:
Casa Comedy, Liverpool (co-founder and manager)
Hot Water Comedy Club, Liverpool
The Comedy Store, Manchester
XS Malarkey, Manchester
Frog and Bucket, Manchester,
Frog and Bucket, Preston,
Mr Ben’s Comedy Club, Leeds
The Railway Inn, Bolton,
Bar Humbug, Southport,
The Slaughterhouse, Liverpool
Rawhide Raw, Liverpool
….and many other venues that have put on a one-off comedy nights or for charity.

Achievements to date:

Beat Manchester’s infamous King Gong, came 3rd out of only 7 acts to make it through the 34 acts in the competition (April 2011),

Runner-up in Hot Water’s 8 of the Best (July 2011),

One-time runner-up for Hot Water’s ‘Whose Headline is it Anyway?’ (November 2011),

Finalist for Hot Water’s Comedian of the Year 2011,

4-time runner up in Rawhide Raw gong shows,

5-time runner up in Frog & Bucket gong shows,

Performed alongside and supported such comedy greats as Alun Cochrane, Tudur Owen and Daliso Chaponda.  




"There's some new kids on the block in Liverpool, Capital of Comedy, and they're making quite a splash already..." - Liverpool Echo