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Chris Henry

A man who enjoys tackling issues you ordinarily wouldn’t discuss with your Gran around the dinner-table, Chris Henry is renowned for his exuberant brand of mischievous humour.

A regular compere and headliner, Chris can normally been seen packing out clubs across Scotland and his name seems to be on every billing going – an impressive feat considering the sheer volume of comics on the circuit.

Henry enjoys being on stage, his energy, timing and facial expressions exudes a childlike sense of fun, which uncontrollably infects anyone around him. Continual touring has not only given him a foothold on the Scottish scene, but has seen him branch out to playing some of the biggest clubs in England.

In an age when a lot of acts try shock their way to the top, Henry’s personable tales of everyday life lull the audience into a false sense of security. When he unexpectedly twists our preconceptions, the result is altogether rewarding.

Having toured religiously over the past few months, expect a routine leaner than Brad Pitt’s six pack, and let’s face it, far more worthwhile.

So where’s the evidence?


“With hilarious wit and comic timing he had the whole audience in his grasp and they loved every second of it. Chris Henry is one for the future” - -Funny, Free, Fringe.

“Most stand-up these days try to shock and most crowds are unshockable. Chris Henry doesn’t try that hard to shock, instead he talks about things we think we recognise and succeeds in giving you a bit of a fright you never see coming. More than that he’s personable, so when he twists your preconceptions on their head, you thank him for it. In a way, he hands you your nuts, and you smile.” - -Courtesy of Adam Brophy (Columnist for the Irish Times and Writer of “The Bad Dad’s Survival Guide”)

“He was good. He was very good. In fact, he was exceptional.” - -Evening Express