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James Christopher

"James Christopher has an excellent stage presence and had superb control of the room throughout. Beautifully written and executed, it was one of the best shows of the Fringe." Bunbury Magazine, 2016

James has been regularly gigging in England and Scotland since 2005, and is an upbeat and affable compere who can also perform tight, gag-filled club sets.
But James really comes into his own when performing politicised material, and earned a five-star review for his 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, ‘What’s The Tory? Mourning Glory’. A free download is available online, and was released to great acclaim. Also at the 2016 Fringe, James read from The Chilcot Report for the audacious ‘Iraq Out & Loud’, and so technically won the 2016 Festival Panel Prize Award (along with everyone else who read!)
As an actor, James featured in the hit online series DANGER: PRECINCT, alongside George Cottier, Lee Fenwick, and Phil Ellis. He wrote and starred in a sketch with Peter Marshall in which he portrays a ghost, haunting one of York’s many traditional pubs: https://youtu.be/w6mNwePKwcw
In 2008, James wrote and starred in a sketch with fellow comedian Sam Gore. Entitled ‘BANG Out Of Order’, the viral hit has earned thousands of views online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5bGC3IEgOo
James has made several presentations at the intriguing multimedia BettaKultcha events: https://youtu.be/atzs_Ms65ec
A keen writer, James has had several articles about comedy published in culture magazines Aesthetica and The Talk, including an interview with revered US stand-up Doug Stanhope. He has been a co-host on Shatner’s Bassoon, a fun and informal live hour of comedy chat on SheffieldLive FM.
During his birth, James’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. This usually necessitates a caesarean birth. However, because the umbilical cord was so long, a normal birth was possible. This may explain the cravat which is a permanent fixture around his neck. The umbilical cord remains preserved in York hospital, as a medical curiosity, and is roughly twice the normal length.
"A thoroughly enjoyable and funny experience. Thank you, James Christopher, for making the annual pilgrimage to Edinburgh and for making me laugh, repeatedly. I would happily listen to his one-liners all night... there’s an art and an artifice in getting a cold audience to laugh and James nailed it. He's proper funny." GiggleBeats, 2014
"...this is a genial man with an almost constant smile who recounts the bizarre in recognisable situations you can really believe happened to him. He cites Daniel Kitson as an influence and you certainly can see touches of this in both his persona and storytelling ability, which seems gentle but subtly nudges to the quite dark." Broadway Baby, 2013