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Sonja Quita Doubleday performs as  Cheekykita

 'surreally wonderful clownesque,truly unusual ' The Colchester gazette.
 Cheekykita is an absurd character,clown comedian "mancunian maverick like no one else out there" (The Alarmist)who has been performing her physical, unusual and oddball comedy in and around the uk and beyond wowing audiences with her surreal  very silly shows with her strange characters..she has different acts about space, comedy horror and crabskally!hailing from Manchester but now based in London she is a regular on the circuit and fringe festivals.
Cheekykita has performed at Clapham Comedy club, Bloomsbury theatre, Pull the other One, Shambodie, The Underbelly, The Komedia- Brighton, Brainwash, Beckenham Comedy club,Camden Comedy club,Pulp comedy,The Goodfather, The Stand, Laughing cows,Angel Comedy.Monkey Buisiness.Weirdos, Up the creek.
written and performed in  short films, theatre and fringe festivals.

Winner Colchester new act 2015
current Laughing horse finalist.
NATYS finalist 2015
2nd prize Max turner award
Semi Finalist funny women 2014 and Leicester square new act 2015.
Prague Fringe award winner 20149<Inspiration,best new work>


 ' Brilliantly surreal and delightfully silly. Made me absolutely howl with laughter.'-Ellie Taylor(Comedian)
  'like no one  else out there'(The Alarmist magazine)
'surreally wonderful clownesque,truly unusual ' The Colchester gazette.
'Cheekykita, loud and bonkers, is an anarchic delight,  a funny and endearing character , like Les Dawson and tinfoil put through a new millennium blender'   -★★★Broadway Baby
  'one of the strangest acts you’re ever likely to see in Cheekykita. But see her you must, because it’s very difficult to describe exactly why she’s a genius ' Manchester wire.     
'bloody funny '-Martin Soane<Promoter-pull the other one>
  'Hilarious'- Kate Mc Cabe-Promoter side kick comedy
‘up and coming weirdo ‘ - Chortle

Imense, sensational,and sublime, people   loved it and are still talking about her’   - The Goodfather comedy
  'Mancunian maverick like no one else out there ' The Alarmist magazine                          
  ‘A wonderful, silly, surreal, frantic and fantastical show '★★★★ Edfringe review
 'Inspiring, bold, brave and totally ridiculous and that s why I love it ‘ Dr Brown

'She may just be the biggest loony of the festival this year, but herlunacy had many people in stitches' -Prague Post