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Harry Enfield

Harry Enfield's association with Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse began at university, and came into its own when they all lived on the same estate in Hackney.

When Harry's character, Stavros, was bagged by the seminal Saturday Live, Enfield brought Higson and Whitehouse with him, and a famous writing partnership was born.

Whitehouse and Kathy Burke joined Harry on Harry Enfield's Television Programme, the success of which was followed up by Harry Enfield and Chums. For a while it seemed that Enfield could do no wrong, although the success of Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson's breakaway venture, The Fast Show detracted somewhat from Enfield's early acclaim.

After a variety of specials featuring characters from the first two shows, Enfield received less enthusiastic reviews for his Brand Spanking New Show.

His latest venture is Celeb, where he plays ageing rock star Gary Bloke, based on the Private Eye cartoons of the same name.