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Mat and MacKinnon

Mathew Horne and Bruce MacKinnon graduated from Manchester University last June, each with a degree in performing Arts and two months later, they found themselves in the finals of both the Open Mic Award and the So You Think You're Funny Competition.

Mat and MacKinnon. So why not Mat and Bruce or Horne and MacKinnon? "Because", as Mat correctly points out, "it sounds a bit rubbish, doesn't it?" "It doesn't sound as good", adds Bruce. "We did a show at university and thought, 'hang on, we haven't got a name'. We didn't want to be pretentious and make something which isn't our name, which kind of sells yourself like something better than you are, so we just took our names." "There's a nice bit of alliteration and assonance in there," points out Mat. It kind of worked better than Matt and Bruce. And my surname's Horne."

Having met during the first few weeks of being at university, they got talking and realised they shared a very similar sense of humour but as Bruce explains, they didn't get around to wiring or performing any comedy until their third year. "We always talked about it since we met, but we were both studying drama so we did a lot of plays together." They took the plunge and got themselves a five minute slot in one of their local pubs in Manchester.