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Bob 'Walshy' Walsh

Bob 'Walshy' Walsh is a Comedian from South London that has performed alongside Russell Brand, John Maloney, Terry Alderton, Lee Nelson and Nathan Caton and more in over 200 pro shows. He has also made a name for himself as founder and host of pro and free shows like Big Red Comedy in Deptford and also  'One Foot in the Grove' with Mirth Control in Wimbledon (Best Free Comedy Club in London-TimeOut) and Kingsmeadow Live with his beloved AFC Wimbledon.

Having written jokes for many TV comics Bob has decided to get the laughs for himself from now performing his own unique brand of dark, sharp and sometimes downright 'Out of Order' comedy all over the UK from the Highlight, Comedy Store, and Jongluers to the smallest back room of a pub. 

Bob 'Walshy' Walsh is a comedian that thrives in the places most comics fear to tread, the drunker and louder the audience the better and has become a BANKER act at the football/rugby/stag do end of the market but has the ability to get even the most conservative audience laughing behind their hands. 

2012 saw the Edinburgh debut of WRONG Comedy with Bob 'Walshy' Walsh plus very special guests at PBHs Free Fringe and it was a HUGE success gaining a 5 star review from the British Comedy Guide.

By popular demand its back again in 2013 ! 

Qoutes from Comedy People

Mikey Fielding (Mighty Boosh)-" Bob 'Walshy Walsh is the real bad boy of comedy, its like Channel 4s 'Shameless' got a South London accent and took up stand up comedy, BRILLIANT !"

Open Comedy - Dorset. (Swanage Comedy Festival)- " Bob 'Walshy' Walsh somehow manages to juggle being dark, rude, charming and charismatic. Hysterically cheeky !  "

Martin Besseman (Monkey Business) - 'Streetwise funny man'.
Duncan Hart (Top MC and Comic)- "Bob 'Walshy' Walsh is a brash, in yer face comedy whirlwind that simply thrives in rowdy rooms. If you like your comedy loud, rude, crude and funny you will love Bob."