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Gary Le Strange


London. December the 31st, 1979. A desolate, post-industrial pre-apocalyptic landscape. A battle scarred wasteland of tower blocks and bin bags, striking workers and shop window dummies who march in line like plastic clockwork soldiers. All seems lost. But as the clock strikes 12, one man stands apart from the crowd: a lone dandy whose not afraid to be ridiculed by dressing up as a cross between a Cowboy and a Red Indian, with shades of Dick Turpin and a bit of Long John Silver thrown in...

Waen Shepherd's latest comic creation is a true New Romantic, destined for stardom (or so he thinks) as a pop icon and arty synth legend, though it may be true that Gary is just cashing in on some kind of 80s revival. Smothered in eyeliner, hairspray, frills and ribbons, Gary prances across the stage like a Spandau ballerina, singing heartfelt songs about dandies, cowboys, geometry, fashion, railway platforms, shop window dummies, empty bedsits and fading away into the distance, then fading back again. Gary has been performing in London since 2002, with excursions to festivals in Brighton, York and Edinburgh.
"One of the true pioneers of synthpop" - Guardian

"Really, really funny" - Comedy Lounge

"El famoso icono electropop de los 80" - abc.gov.ar

"A cult is born..." - www.chortle.co.uk

"Enough to make you cry with laughter" - The Telegraph

"Stands and delivers more than just perfect pastiche" - Metro

"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of" - The Guardian2